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The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) meeting Minutes Thursday, August 19, 2010, 7:10pm.


            The TIBF August monthly meeting was brought to order 7:10pm. at Western Marine, Nampa, Idaho. Those in attendance were:  Bruce Flesher, President; Tammy Shuyler, Secretary-Treasurer; Steve Day-Communications and SRBM; Steve Jones-Conservation Director; Tom Horrace-SRBM; and on teleconference, Larry Burton-Idaho Basshunters.  Also present was special guest, Joe Kozfkay, Idaho Fish and Game.


Special Presentation by Joe Kozfkay, of Idaho Fish and Game.  Joe spoke about the carp overpopulation problem on Lake Lowell and IDFG’s plan to eradicate the carp.  Due to shortage in funding on behalf of State of Idaho, IDFG is reaching out to the public seeking funds in addition to current funds to facilitate the carp eradication plan.  They intend to catch and tag the carp using Sonotronics internal tags which last about 14 months.  The objective and finding they hope to reach is to identify where the carp pool during this time so they then can more readily catch and kill the carp population in Lake Lowell.  The cost per tag is $190.00.  The board voted and approved to donate $600.00 to IDFG to purchase the three (3)tags.  Tammy Shuyler will place the order directly with Sontronics and have the tags delivered directly to Joe at the ID F&G office.  These funds will be deducted from the Conservation fund which will leave approximately $1400.00 in the fund for 2010.


Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler

  • Treasurer Report
  • July meeting minutes approved.


Youth Report-John Lancaster (Bruce Flesher presented in John’s absence)

  • John reported to Bruce that the National Guard Youth Championship was fairly lackluster due to lack of corporate sponsorship. 
  • Bruce also proposed that in an effort to order Youth shirts as the same discounted pricing as the ID State Team, that the youth championship event be held earlier in the year.  There was discussion with Steve Day that this event could occur perhaps simultaneously with SRB’s Youth Championship.  Matter tabled for further review and discussion at a later meeting.

Conservation Report-Steve Jones

  • See IDF&G presentation above by Joe Kozfkay
  • Steve reminds everyone that Lake Lowell Management planning is comment period ongoing for all users to speak their mind about future management including usage.  Go www.idahobassfed.com to access the comment form (in TIBF News section Aug. 11) labeled “Public comments Proposed Comprehensive Conservatio Plan/Environmental Impact Statement-Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge or simply send an email to deerflat@fws.gov.  with subject:  CCP Comment.  You can send in as many comments as you are able until comment period is closed.

Communication Report-Steve Day

  • Steve delivered the TIBF banquet tickets to Bruce.  Bruce dispersed 10 tickets each to TBF in meeting attendance to be sold to club members.
  • Steve is seeking TIBF member photos for upcoming banquet slide show.  Please email or notify Steve you have pics to share. 
  • Members can go to TIBF website http://www.idahobassfed.com for all updates and information.
  • TIBF members have free ad space available on website.


Tournament Report-Bruce Flesher

  • Go to www.idahobassfed.com for qualifier tournament application and rules.  Applications are also available at Western Marine, Tristate Marine and Howards Tackle.
  • East Qualifiers are done, final North Qualifiers scheduled for Sept. 18-19 on Hayden Lake and final South Qualifier will occur Sept. 25-26 on CJ Strike. 
  • TIBF is seeking all TBF member clubs feedback regarding Angler allocation for State Team at Divisionals.  Only a couple member clubs have provided their choice of allocation.  There are 12 spots available on State Team.  One plan is to guarantee 1 spot per division and balance of spots be determined by division participation.  Final decision yet to be made.
  • TIBF will pay for additional 2010 State Team jacket printing if State Team members wish to have embroidery done.
  • 2010 Scales of Justice tournament is scheduled for September 18, 2010, at CJ Strike Res.  Volunteers are currently being sought for this event.  Go to idahobassfed.com for application and additional information contact Linda Williams (577-4832) or Sara Hudson (577-4814) of ACJCS.


Old Business

  • Member dues renewal incentive:  Still seeking ideas from member clubs.  TIBF receives $2 per renewal when completed by end of the year.  Tammy is researching if TIBF can program the online roster management system to automatically add late fee if registration occurs after December 31 deadline.   Jared Spicklemier suggested that perhaps highest member renewal count by club be awarded a prize which they in turn could raffle off as a fundraiser.  To reiterate, club dues must be registered and receive paid by TBF no later than December 31.  Bruce asks that all clubs provide additional input at next scheduled TBF meeting.


 New Business

  • Banquet proceeds:  Bruce is seeking feedback from clubs regarding the banquet proceeds.  How shall we split the proceeds:  Youth, Conservation or State Team?   IBM voted to allocate funds from Banquet to State Team.  Another plan is to hold a State Team fundraising tournament perhaps the day following IBM Snow Bowl.  Or, the tournament could be coordinated with the IBM Snow Bowl.  Further discussion with IBM and TIBF to follow and item tabled.  A report will follow at September TIBF meeting.
  • There is a new bass club in the area called Lake Side Bassmasters and it was suggested that they be invited to the Snow Bowl this fall.  The Snow Bowl is an Open for all Idaho bass clubs TIBF or non-TIBF.  It is scheduled to be held November 6, 2010, at CJ Strike out of Black Sands.


2010 TIBF Banquet planning

  • Date:  November 20, 2010
  • Location:  Hilton Garden Inn, Boise
  • No host bar open at 5:00pm.; Dinner start 6:00pm
  • Major Raffle Prize:  Fortex 80lb. Minkota 24 Volt Trolling Motor. 
  • Reminder!  Member clubs are asked to start seeking raffle and auction donation items.  A $500 donation will be rewarded with free membership and two meals. 
  • Hilton charges a $100 set up fee for bar.
  • New! Banquet tickets now available and for sale by TIBF member clubs.  Ticket prices will be $45 pp.  Additional $58 FLW & TIBF dues can be paid voluntarily with raffle tickets awarded for advance payment of dues.
  • Same menu planned but changes can be readily made.
  • No other charges for the banquet room.
  • Hilton will supply audio-visual equipment.
  • There is one comp room for a guest speaker.
  • Guest speaker:  Gabe Bolivar.  Gabe will receive paid hotel room, 2 meals and travel expense reimbursement from TIBF.
  • Meeting adjourned 9:15pm.



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