The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF)
August Meeting Minutes


The TIBF monthly meeting was brought to order 7:00pm., August 18, 2016, at Canyon Marine, Nampa, Idaho.

Meeting attendance: Those in attendance were: Tammy Shuyler, Bobbie Littlefield, Shonie Jarvis, Eddie Garcia, Steve Day, Scott Lepka, Steve Spears, James Brandt

Secretary-Treasurer Report -Bobbie Littlefield
    • 327 members
    • Balances: Qualifier account $8,857.54; General account $6,870.71; Youth $2,400.35
    • A check came from Toyota $650.00 for the Toyota Bucks program in which Brent Shores is registered. This money has been deposited into General Account and used to offset the Military Appreciation Tournament expenses for awards and T-shirts. Thanks Brent!! TIBF appreciates you!!
    • TIBF paid for the boater’s gas via $50 gift cards for the youth championships
    • Tammy needs reimbursed for her air fare to President meetings in Alabama. She provided bill to Bobbie for reimbursement
    • Minutes.

Youth Report-Brian Ashton not present, Tammy reported
    • All High School and Youth results are posted on the website.
    • HS championship finishers: 1st Jason Felter & Anthony Mello (these will move on); 2nd Gabe Litterell & Bryson Mort; 3rd Alex Torok & Jared Hoffman
    • Youth finishers: 1st Devin Caywood; 2nd Garrison Ocamica; 3rd Alex Torok; 4th Eyston Kunz. Devin Will be traveling to the 2017 JWC in South Carolina in conjunction with the 2017 FLW Cup.

Conservation Report -Tammy (still need a new conservation director)
    • Discussion continuing to build some signs up for North and CJ Strike. Scott Lepka will research and provide a quote via email. Eddie will check on some sheet metal material.
    • Scott will speak with Ryan Cullen about becoming the Conservation Director.

Communication Report -Steve Day
    • North qualifier is added to the website
    • Tammy will contact facebook about deleting the old page
    •  Steve Day is offering to TIBF member clubs to create and maintain club websites. Annual cost $100. Steve will be sending out his annual invoices for his services.
    •  Members can go to TIBF website for all updates and information.
    •  TIBF members have free ad space available on website.

Tournament Report -Eddie Garcia
    • Qualifiers – Brownlee-Woodhead –August 27 and 28 (individual)
    • Eddie will email draw, times and off-limits to anglers
    • Tammy got the weighs slips done
    • Shonie has the receipt book
    • Are we going to do a celebration of the anglers that make it to the regionals event? Open discussion. Tabled until September 15th
    • Travel funds for Semi-finals will be disbursed after Dworshak registration is closed 9 days prior to October 7.
    • North Qualifier – Spirit Lake, Sunday, September 11, 2016 – Idaho Panhandle Anglers FB page and for application.

Old Business:
    • Tammy Report - TBF Presidents meetings were Aug. 5-6 Scottsboro, Alabama- postponed until next month
    • Will qualifiers from semi-finals receive money from TBF to go to Finals
      o Eddie motioned that any Idaho qualifier, whether sent by club or through qualifier format, from Dworshak will receive travel money from TIBF Qualifier Account for travel to TBF Finals in 2017.
      o Shonie seconded the motion and all were in favor

New Business:
     • How many anglers will TIBF send to 2016 Semi-finals through State Qualifiers?
      o The North will send 1 boater and 1 co-angler
      o The South will send 11 boaters and 11 co-anglers
    • Tammy will be sending an email to all members clubs to see if and who will be sending a team to sending to semi-finals. Semi-Final registration is open 8-29 to 9-29 via However, Tammy will need to submit roster of Semi-Final Qualifier fisherman to TBF before registration can begin so delay may occur waiting for the North Qualifier finish. TBF will be working with us to ensure that all are registered that qualify thru State Qualifiers or sent by Member clubs.
    • Tammy announced that NBAA,, is potential circuit for Idaho to participate in and utilize as State Qualifiers.
    • Tammy has asked for a committee to establish 2017 State Qualifier format and schedule. The committee will include Chris Tucker, Eddie Garcia, Steve Day, Steve Spear, Scott Lepka, James Brandt, Michael Tauscher, Kyle Meschko. This will need to be finalized prior to November, 2016, major tournament scheduling meeting.
    • Next Board meeting September 15, 2016, Canyon Marine, Nampa.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm
Submitted by Shonie Jarvis

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