The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF)

August TIBF Meeting Minutes
TIBF Meeting Minutes
Thursday August 16, 2018
Canyon Marine Nampa

Attendance- Tammy Shuyler, Bobbie Littlefield, Steve Day, Tarry Gibson, Scott Lepka, Eddie Garcia

Treasurer Report- Bobbie Littlefield
- General account-$9607.16, Qualifier account-$7934.79, Youth account-$1000.01
-301 members

Youth Report- Chris Adams
-Congratulations Blake Nesset and Gage Warren for placing 19th in the 2018 JWC.
-Upcoming – Idaho TBF HS fundraiser September 15 CJ Strike Black Sands.
-News out of the National meeting: High school the state champion team will be eligible to fish The state semifinals as Co-Angler. More info to come from Chris.

Conservation Report– Keith Hoffman
-Tammy has some structures to donate for a TBD future plant they need to be picked up.
-The Board voted on a budget of $1000.00 for conservation

Communication Report- Steve Day
-Websites up to date.
-Yearly admin of club or webpage/site $100.00
-Face book page name has been updated to Idaho Bass Federation for easier identification.

Tournament Report – Tarry
-Registration is available for 2018 semifinal qualifiers Oct 6-7, still waiting for some clubs to submit list of the anglers they are sending.
-Thank you to all who participated in the 2018 TBF appreciation tournament, and Military appreciation.
-TBF needs a new scale. The Board voted to purchase one. Tarry and Tammy looking into cost and best values.
-Dinner/BBQ for semifinals; Jodi at Black Sands agreed to cater.
-As always thank you to John Burrows and Brad Perkins for sponsoring the jerseys for Semifinals. Tammy will contact anglers for sizes.

Old Business:
-Scales of Justice - volunteers are needed please contact John Vehlow or see volunteer form on Idaho TBF website
-Annual Banquet - planning underway. Need suggestions for locations.

New Business:
-Dry Creek Outfitters Donation - TBF Board voted to donate $500 to the Dry Creek Open. Thanks for everthing Brad!
-Annual Idaho TBF Elections-Tammy will be stepping down as Idaho TBF President. Nominees are now beingsought for the 2019 Board Elections for President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. Clubs should submit officer nominations by October 18, 2018, at monthly TBF meeting.

Next meeting Thursday September 20, 2018, 7PM Canyon Marine
Minutes submitted by Bobbie Littlefield.

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