Federation Bass Conservation Sign

The Federation is paying around $800 to get the setup for the color sign done. Once this is done, individual signs can be purchased with clubs' conservation funds for posting at their local bodies of water. The final price per sign is $60 each including the post and mounting hardware.

The signs will be printed in four colors and made of aluminum. The size will probably be 2' by 4' and require two posts to be securely installed.

Initial installation will be five or six signs installed by the Federation at boat ramp locations at Lake Lowell.

This new bass conservation sign was designed by 2000 Federation Tournament Director Rick Cox and put together by Webmaster Steve Day.

To view the new sign, click here. This is a .PDF file and needs Adobe Acrobat to be viewed. Click here to download Acrobat.

Comments/Questions? Send E-Mail to the Federation's Conservation Officer

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