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C.J. Strike Structure Plant on Nov. 11, 2000

The Idaho Bass Federation, Idaho Power and the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game did a structure plant in the Bruneau arm of C.J. Strike Reservoir on Saturday November 11, 2000.

This structure plant was a little different from past plants. Instead of using leftover Christmas trees or rock rip-rap, this plant used artificial structures made of 1" PVC pipe wrapped with vinyl fencing. Idaho Fish and Game's Dale Allan brought the idea back from a meeting with some fisheries biologists at Lake Havasu in Arizona. Adding these fish structures to Lake Havasu has had a fairly dramatic improvement in the amount of fish in the area of the structure. The group involved in the C.J. Strike structure plant made and planted 70 structures in the Bruneau arm of the reservoir.

Here are some pictures from the project:
The process started out with the PVC pipe being cut to length and then assembling the pieces using PVC joints and PVC quick-setting glue. (Don't ask me how I know that the glue is quick-setting...)
The finished frames then have the vinyl fencing wrapped around them and secured with zip ties.
The assembled structures were then loaded into jets boats to be hauled out to the drop site.
Once the boat was at the drop site, cinder blocks were zip-tied to the structures to sink them.
The structures were dropped in an "X" pattern at the drop site. The duck decoy was our stealth marker buoy...
The boat lined up with where the previous structure was dropped, and then the structures were dropped overboard.
The plan is to hopefully do structure plants like this on an annual basis to boost the fishing raising capacity of local waters. It is also a good sign that Idaho Fish and Game is getting involved in projects aimed at improving warm-water fisheries.
Thanks to the following volunteers that showed up to help make this project a success:
  • Dale Allan -Idaho Fish and Game Regional Fishery Manager
  • Brian Flatter -Idaho Fish and Game
  • Kurtis Plaster -Idaho Fish and Game
  • Steve Brink -Idaho Power Company Upriver Biological Supervisor
  • Elaine Rex -Idaho Fish and Game Reservist Coordinator
  • Dale Walenski -Idaho Fish and Game Reservist
  • Neil Hillesland -Idaho Fish and Game Reservist
  • Allan Chandler -Idaho Bassmasters
  • Eric White -Idaho Bassmasters
  • James Raitter -Snake River Bassmasters
  • Steve Day -Snake River Bassmasters
  • Elwin Phipps -Boise Bass Busters
  • James Koseki -Boise Bass Busters

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