TIBF Conservation Project

Lake Owyhee Cleanup on April 21, 2001

The Idaho Bass Federation, working with the Oregon Dept of Parks and Recreation, did a trash cleanup at Lake Owyhee State Park on Saturday, April 21, 2001.

Everyone met around 10:00 a.m. at the Day Park in Owyhee State Park. Chris Magallanes had several volunteers from the Oregon Parks & Rec Department there to help us. He also gave a church group called the Pathfinders a free night camping at Owyhee State Park for helping out with the cleanup.

Here are some pictures from the project:

Everyone met at the park and divided up into groups. The area along the road between the dam and the marina at Indian Creek was divided up into areas: each group got a handful of trash bags and an area to clean.The trash was hauled to the parking area at Indian Creek.
The bags of trash were unloaded from James Raitter's jet boat and the Oregon Park trucks.
Quite a bit of trash was found and collected.
After the cleanup was done, we all sat down for a hot dog BBQ.
Thanks to the following volunteers that showed up to help make this project a success:
  • Allan Chandler -Idaho Bassmasters & Federation President
  • Joyce Chandler -Idaho Bassmasters
  • James Raitter -Snake River Bassmasters & Federation Vice President
  • Larry Raganit -Snake River Bassmasters & Federation Youth Officer
  • J.C. Worthen -Idaho Bassmasters & Federation Tournament Director
  • Steve Day -Snake River Bassmasters & Federation Webmaster
  • Steve Burk -Snake River Bassmasters
  • Robert Bristol -Snake River Bassmasters
  • Mike Marsh -Snake River Bassmasters
  • Dusty Womack -Snake River Bassmasters
  • Jerry Bourasa -Snake River Bassmasters
Also thanks to a couple of other Federation members whose names I did not get, plus the Pathfinders and the Oregon Dept of Parks and Recreation people.

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