April 15, 2004 MEETING MINUTES


The regular membership of the Idaho State B.A.S.S. Federation was called to order by President J.C. Worthen at 7:30 P.M. at the Tri State Marine.  There were 10 officers, representatives and guests present.


TREASURY REPORT & MINUTES: The minutes of  March 2004 were approved as written. No Treasury report to approve






YOUTH: Youth Director Skyler Hill reported:

J    BASS will pick up the cost of the rooms and other expenses in North Carolina for the Kids Classic, but we still need to pay transportation.

J    Snake River Valley Bass has a club tournament on Milner the day after the MVB Open. This is the same day as the Kids tournament?

J    We need a count on the number of people that are willing to help out with the Scales of Justice youth tournament on C.J. Strike on Sept. 19.  JC mentioned that the justice system was going to mail flyers out to all Federation members. Dusty said that we shouldn’t give out the Federation’s mailing list, so the Federation will mail it instead.


CONSERVATION: Conservation Officer Mike Lembke reported:

J    Structure plant on C.J. Strike on April 25 will start at 8:00 a.m. on Cottonwood Ramp. Mike plans on doing some of the work on Saturday April 24.  We will have the use of Fish & Game’s barge. We are going to plant approximately 20 “trees”, 40 pallets and several large wire spools.

J    The oxygen system on the release boat doesn’t put out enough oxygen.  A motion was made and passed to buy some oxygen generators to supplement to existing oxygen system.  It was mentioned that it might be a good idea to check out the bubble stones on the existing oxygen system to make sure that they aren’t clogged.

J    A discussion was held about purchasing weigh bags, portable aerators and an aerated holding tank for the Federation. A motion was made and passed to buy the weigh bags and aerators.

J    BBB is donating $500 for use to repair the release boat.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director Bruce Flesher reported:

J    John Marsh at Lake Owyhee Resort now handles all Misc. Use Permits for Lake Owyhee.

J    The Federation’s new motor bands are here and the issue with missing bands has been resolved.  They still need the numbers added.

J    We still need to come up with a location for the BASS Regional tournament to be held in Idaho in 2006.  The North had originally mentioned the possibility of holding it on Couer d’Alene Lake, but nothing has come of it.  Lake Lowell has also been suggested as a good spot.  It has quite a bit of parking on the Caldwell ramp, numerous cities with motels close by, and lots of structure for people to fish.  Dusty said that he would be willing to ramrod the tournament if we hold it at Lake Lowell.


COMMUNICATION: Communication Officer Steve Day reported:

J    Caldwell Chevrolet donated $1000 for Federation Youth activities, so we need to add them to the newsletter.

J    The first 2004 newsletter still needs to go out.  We need to find a new printer due to an increase in cost and decrease in quality at the last printer.

J    A discussion was held concerning posts on the Federation Forum.






There being no more new business, President Worthen reminded all that the next meeting would be on May20.  The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.




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