April 21, 2005



President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho State B.A. S. S federation to order at 7:45 P.M. at Tri State Marine.  The minutes from the March 17, 2005 were read and passed.




Report from the treasure was read and motion made to accept and passed.


YOUTH REPORT:       SCYLER:  Entries are now ready and being distributed to the youth clubs for the Jr. Bassmasters state qualifier that will be on May 21st at C. J. Strike.  Scyler mentioned that he will need help with boaters, and observers for this.  He speculated around 15-25 kids will be participating.  And he also mentioned that turn around time would be fast for the next year state Jr. Bassmaster qualifier in late August early September because of the nationals moving up their dates. 


CONSERVATION REPORT:        Mike:              He is working on information to times and dates to do more structure planting at C. J. Strike.  Also more discussion on moving the docks from Anderson with help of Idaho Power or some company that has equipment that can lift them. 


COMMUNICATION REPORT:    Karen did mention that she and Gary would put one together.  Gary mentioned that it would be better if they could see all of the various events at nationals, and the western divisionals that they attend then they could have more to report on.             


TOURNAMENT REPORT:    Bruce:   The areas are preparing for their qualifiers.  Judge Vehlow contacted J. C. and mentioned that the scale of justice tournament with the youth from Ada County needed to be changed due some meetings that the various court officials need to attend in Lewiston on September 17th.  After some discussion it was decided to have the Scales of Justice on the 9th of October.    


Old Business:               

NO MAY Meeting because so many of the officers will be in Oregon at the Divisionals.


2006 Divisional.


Up coming tournaments and activities involving BASS



New Business:    

                   Alliance information.


                        CAST events


                        Divisional information for 2006



Adjourn:   9:10 p.m. 



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