The Idaho Bass Federation

April 19, 2007


Vice President Cliff Lockhart called the regular membership of the Idaho Bass Federation to order at 7:45@ Western Marine.  The minutes from the February meeting were read and approved.  


                   The March meeting was cancelled because of conflicts with tournaments and other items.




TREASURE REPORT:                  Karen:  Read and approved.


YOUTH REPORT:                Scyler: 

                                                The Idaho State Youth Championship will be on the 20th of May @   Milner.


CONSERVATION:                Introduction of Jeff Cooke the new Conservation Officer. (Welcome)



TOURNAMENT REPORT:             Scyler South, Karen East- Report the qualifiers are getting entries and they are ready to begin the tournaments in June.




COMMUNICATION REPORT:   Steve:  Discussion regarding the newsletter. 


    Old Business:                           The TBF National is the week of April 17-21 at North Carolina Lake Wiley. Neil and Mitch are there.

                                                     Western Championship for Angler and Co Angler is in Washington on the 12th of May on the Potholes.

                                                     Western Divisional May 7-11 2007 Washington

                                                Youth State Championship May 20, 2007 Milner  

                                                The State Club Championship is at Milner April 21.

                                                North is still working on there dates for their qualifiers has been some changes so they are waiting for permits.


NEW Business:                       Quarterly meeting rather than monthly.

                                                Boat Non Boater proposal from nationals     

                                                     Cast events coming up

                                                     Round Table





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