The Idaho Bass Federation

April 17, 2008



President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho Bass Federation to order at 7:45@ Western Marine. The minutes from the February meeting were read and approved.

TREASURE REPORT: Karen: Read and approved.


YOUTH REPORT: Scyler: The State youth championship will be June 15th.

Twin Falls is having a sport show on May 1, 2, and 3rd at CSI. There will be seminars on Bass fishing and walleye fishing. Bass presentations will be from Brandon Craner a state team member for several years and Gary Keith.

There will also be REEL Kids events. The top performers of the events will be taken out on the water with a pro day. The Boise Sport show in Feb and March did this and it was well perceived by the public.



TOURNAMENT REPORT: Bruce South, Karen East: Entry fees will be the same as last year new 2008 Entry Forms will be on the web shortly with the list of qualifiers dates and Lakes. Due to Fish and Game rule changes the 3rd qualifier at Massacre Rocks (for the East) will have to be moved. Fish and Game are working will us will to help in that change.


COMMUNICATION REPORT: Steve: Still trying to get various clubs to get articles for a newsletter.

Old Business:

CAST @ Walcott

State Champion Boat Non Boater Tournament

Qualifier Entries are out

Western Divisional April 6-11th

Lowrance is out of some of their items

New Business: Eric and Brandon will be fishing April 26-28th at Lake Wylie. They could be advancing to the FLW Tournament in August

Idaho has a few anglers that have already qualified for this event Idaho Team was 5th at West Divisional 2 lbs separated 3 and 5th.

The 2 that will go next April to Nations from Idaho are Brandon Palinuck (boater) and Brandon Craner (non boater)

All that was at Lake Havasu had a great time.


Round Table: Some discussion was presented to the board regarding the Western Divisionals, some of the team members want resolved ASAP, but they will need to wait until all of the other Divisionals end some time in September, it there is anything to be resolved that is the time frame. Gary stated he would keep them informed.


More money is needed to travel. This has been and issue and will be with the fuel costs as much as they are. Gary explained that it goes (money breakdown) how many you have participating in your own region. So to get more money we need players. Also if the team would like to work on a raffle item to help defray some of the cost that should not be a problem, for the board and the team to work together.