August 19, 2004



President J.C. Worthen called the regular membership of the Idaho State B.A. S. S federation to order at 7:45 P.M. at the Tri State Marine.


The minutes from the July 15, 2004 were read and tabled for further discussion.



Fish and Game was here to present the fundraiser tournament Sept 25, 26 at Cascade some discussion of the various entry fees and catching the tagged fish for prize money. 

Posters and other information were handed out and it can be found on the Internet.





Report from the treasure was read and motion made to accept and passed.


YOUTH REPORT:       C.A.S.T.  Event is coming up for the kids in the Boise area, which will be at Black Canyon August 21 and there is a need for help if possible.


The youth that attended the Classic had a very good time.


Scyler said that they had a youth tournament last weekend at Walcott it had a great turn out.  Due to weather circumstances the tournament was stopped and everyone was ask to bring them in rather on taking a chance of boats getting damaged worse.


He said that there are at least 24 youth members in the Magic Valley area. 


The question was asked if the kids that participated in a previous tournament with the adults if they could still participate in the youth chapter even if money was won.  Yes they can but they do need to specify at the beginning of the season whether they are going Youth or Adult.



CONSERVATION REPORT:        Mike Lemke had no report at this time on conservation other than he had great time at the Classic.



COMMUNICATION REPORT:    Steve had no report at this time.


J. C.  Reported that he and the Judge have been planning the fishing for justice tournament.  He still encourages all of us to get back to our clubs and promote it. 


Gary mentioned he would remind the East side of the state of this event and ask that as many as could come to help could do so.


TOURNAMENT REPORT:  Bruce reminded us of the south and the east fishing the last qualifier together and the BBQ that is planned.  Also that help would be needed for the scales of justice tournament. 

In regards to the qualifier tournament how did we want to handle the launch and the weigh in.  It was suggested that everyone fish together (example all non boaters and boater in the hat a possibility of and east drawing a south.  No problems but the East and the South do their own weigh in.   Bruce thought the south would be all right with this and Gary spoke for the east.


Bruce mentioned that we as the Federation need to recognize our sponsors and make sure that they get the appreciation they so deserve. 


Karen and Gary mentioned for someone to give them a list of all of the various sponsors that they would start getting appreciation plagues in order and ready for them.

These can either be ready for banquet to go with their meal or separately so they can have them displayed in their businesses.



Old Business:      

2006 Divisional are coming to IDAHO so we need to get ready.  Several various Lakes and Reservoirs have been suggested and various people are looking in to the possibility of where we can have them.



New Business:     A visitor who was a team member in the past was there to offer information and ideas that might be of help the future of the federation and the team.  He brought some jackets that were used in the past and made some helpful suggestions that we could use in the purchase of team clothing.


J. C. stated that Don Cochran will be attending the banquet this year and it is scheduled for January at the Elks Club in Caldwell.


J. C. and board also discussed some items that reflect the new Idaho Team on various events and meeting that need to be mandatory.  The qualifiers should have their list of winners by the last week of September and turned into the federation secretary.  This gives the board time to schedule the first meeting, which is planned for the end of October.  This will help the person that is purchasing clothing and having them for the January banquet.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30.


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