December 16, 2004



President J.C. Worthen was absent and so therefore Vice President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho State B.A. S. S federation to order at 8:00 P.M. at Elmer’s. 

The minutes from the November 18, 2004 were read and passed.





Report from the treasure was read and motion made to accept and passed.


YOUTH REPORT:       SCYLER:  Was not in attendance but Larry Raganit reported the following information:  February 5th and 6th, 2005 will be the 14th Annual “GET HOOKED ON FISHING NOT ON DRUGS”.  It will be held a Karcher Mall in Nampa, Idaho.  We are asking for those members and clubs to help us teach these kids how to get started on fishing.  Over 20,0000 kids have went through this program since it has stared.  Starting times will be Saturday 10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. and Sunday noon to 5:00 P.M.   A live radio broadcast from KIZN 92.3 FM will be there. D.A.R.E. will be at Karcher Mall and we hope to be doing a finger print clinic for the kids.  Idaho Fish and Game, Idaho Parks and Rec., Friends of Brownlee will be there also.   Steve Day has organized a beanbag toss for the kids.  The money raised will go to Youth programs here in the state.  Need new plastic fishing lures (no hooks), worms, tubes, crappie jigs and other fishing tackle.  If you have some plastic lures that you have no need for in your boat or garage, we could use them, please bring them to Karcher Mall.  You can also box them up and send them to:  Larry Raganit  - 2020 Alder St.Caldwell, Idaho 83605.  In eastern Idaho contact Scyler Hill at 208 324-1346. We need all we can get.  Will be using them at the Boise Sportsman’s Show in March 3-6, 2005.  So look in your garage or tackle boxes, all donations appreciated.  


The Idaho B.A.S.S. Federation clubs will be doing Casting Kids qualifiers at Karcher Mall Get Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs and also at the Sportsman’s show in Boise Idaho in March. The state champions will be selected at the Boise Show.  Need to get your club registered for events.  Spectra Productions and the Idaho B.A.S.S. Federation will be doing bass fishing seminars all 4 days at the Sportsman’s Show and a Federation information booth will be there.



CONSERVATION REPORT:        Conservation officer Mike Lembke has announced that the structure plant at C.J. Strike was completed with the help of Federation members from different clubs around the valley.  Special thank-you to T&V Marine and Mountain Home club for their help on getting things ready for the structure plant.  These projects are very important for fish habitat.  This structure plant and others provide the opportunity for fishing to improve at C.J. Strike Reservoir.



COMMUNICATION REPORT:    The Idaho State BASS federation will get a brief newsletter out before the banquet and send to all members.  Larry Raganit is helping write this time only and Gary and Karen said they would get it to printers and stamped and sent it out. 



TOURNAMENT REPORT:  Bruce:  Brought sample for team shirt after some discussion we voted to see if the color could be different.  The shirts will be available for the team at the banquet.


Old Business:       Reminder that the state Federation Banquet will be on January 22, 2005 at the Caldwell Elks Club.   Don Cochran mentioned that he would make an effort to attend this.


2006 Divisional- Dusty said that it is going well that the federation doesn’t have to pay for the dinner as previously thought.

At this time planning for the 3rd week of May which will be very good. 


By Law revisions are at BASS for their approval and then it will be placed on the Web Page and placed in the book of information for the Idaho State BASS.


Dusty brought a proposal for the state to take to all club members for federation qualifiers.  This is for entry fee to be $90 basic fee for all participants.  After discussion it was voted to take information to the clubs and then bring back feedback at the December meeting.            



New Business:     Discussion regarding the entry fee for all of the state to go less than the $90 that was suggested.  It will be $75.  This break down will be in the upcoming newsletter.


Karen and Gary handed out tickets for the banquet that will take place on January 22nd at the Caldwell Elks Club.  If do not get them prior to banquet they can be purchased at the door.                


Adjourned at 9:40



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