The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) Meeting Minutes Thursday, February 26, 2009


            The TIBF first quarterly meeting of 2009 was brought to order 7:00pm., Western Marine, Nampa, Idaho.  Those in attendance were:  Bruce Flesher, President; John Lancaster, Vic-President/Youth Director; Tammy Shuyler, Secretary-Treasurer; Steve Jones, Consevation Director; Mike Ball, SRB; Steve Day, SRB; John Clapp, IBA; Butch Nolan, MVBM; Anthony Avalos-MVBM; Dave Keever, Mini Cassia & IBH; Kurt Campbell, Idaho Walley Unlimited; Scyler Hill, MVBM; Douglas Schlais, Idaho Walleye; Don Sechler, Idaho Walleye; Roger Stringer, TVB; Tony Shuyler, IBM.


Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler

·         Reconciliation of general account is ongoing.  Treasurer report publication delayed due to lack of past years records.  Those are being sought currently in order to complete current report.  Complete treasury report will be filed and disbursed to member clubs within 30 days.  

·         $936.00 has been collected to date for 2009 TIBF dues.

·         Mason’s Trophies statement of $915.46 paid.  $180.00 needs to be collected from Eastern Qualifier account for their share of qualifier trophies.

·         Survivor fund past payments were as follows:  Roger $100, Carl Smith $100 and Max Adams $100.  


Youth Report-John Lancaster

·         Youth tournament-June 20 & 21, Spirit Lake, Coeur d’Alene, ID

·         Sportsman Show Reel Kids Events March 5-8


Conservation Director Report-Steve Jones

·         Black Canyon Structure Plan-On hold for the time being.

·         Spring Camp-Members are encouraged to review and support Spring Camp improvements including ramp updates and a breakwater (wing dam) to protect launch and takout during windy weather.  This work will be completed by Idaho Power who is seeking input to determine which area to improve:  Swede’s or Spring Camp.  Clubs can have their respective members sign and return a petition currently in circulation.  The petitions can then be sent to Larry Raganit, L&C Outdoor Promotions, 2020 Alder St, Caldwell, ID  83605 or emailed to


Communications Report-Steve Day

·         Steve continues to seek member club event and news for TIBF website publication.  Bruce encourages clubs to continue sharing their upcoming events and news.

·         Steve will be working with the Walleye club to get their website up and running.


New Business

·         Sportsman Show March 5-8, Expo Center, Boise, ID-Club participate schedule is as follows:

            Reel Kids        IBM-Thursday Night-6-8pm.

                                    SRB-Friday Night 6-8pm.

                                    IBA-Saturday 11am-2pm.

                                    Walleye-Saturday 5pm-?

                                    IBM-Sunday 11am.-2pm.

                                    State Team-Sunday 2pm-?

            Seminars          Doug Schlais-Saturday 2:30pm.

                                    Bruce Flesher-Saturday 7:30pm.

                                    Brue Flesher-Sunday 3:30pm.

  • Volunteer badges for entry can be picked up show entrance by identifying volunteer with TIBF, not individual club.  They must be returned at end of shift.
  • Does anyone know the last whereabouts of the TIBF Bean Bag Game???  Please notify Bruce Flesher if you know of the location.
  • Trolling motor will be raffled at the Sports Show. Proceeds will benefit State Team.


Page two-TIBF Minutes 2-26-09


·         Bruce asks each member club to design a member info pamphlet to be disbursed at Sports Shows and other events to promote Idaho bass fishing and increase awareness of bass club presence.

·         Twin Falls Sports Show-May 1-3 at Eldorado Expo Center, Twin Falls

            TIBF will have a booth this year at no charge.  Format will be similar as last year.

·         Castleford Days-August 9, 2009

            Reel Kids event and many other activities.  Event is bigger and better every year and all are encouraged to             attend.  More info to follow.  John Lancaster can be contacted in the interim for more information.

·         TIBF Major sponsors are:  Lowrance, Yamaha, Solar Bat, Evinrude, Minkota, Ranger.  Contracts will be signed between TIBF and each individual sponsor.  Bruce advised of many products have already been ordered and received by TIBF including many used to outfit 2009 State Team (shirts, rain suits); oil, boats, life jackets, trolling motors, props, Four bank chargers and GPS equipment.  Bruce will complete an inventory of the available items which can be sold or used to benefit the TIBF. 

·         ISCAC Dues-$200.  Membership voted to pay this annual due renewal.  Walleye will contribute $100 to offset some of this cost.

·         TIBF and National Dues-Bruce discussed importance of dues payment no later than December 31.  Each State realizes rebates which can amount to upwards 25% of State budget.  Every club must pay for early payment this year.  He also pointed out the breakdown of $15 National fee:  Divisionals $2; Nationals $2; Insurance $11 (this does not cover full cost of insurance).  TBF needs 40,000 members to cover full cost of insurance.  TBF membership count to date is 32,000. 


      State dues have not specific allocation except that $1.00 goes to Survivor Fund.


      Qualifier Entry Breakdown:

  • Team Apparel                          $5.00
  • National Champ Angler          $5.00
  • National Champ Co-Angler    $5.00
  • Tournament Expense              $5.00
  • Remaining fee goes to team travel and/or individual event prizes.


      All individual club members are encouraged to join FLW for their benefits including the magazine.


·         Qualifier checking accounts are maintained by respective State Division:  North, East and South

            Qualifier fees:  $220 all four tournaments;  $85 individual tournament fee

·         TIBF Banquet

            Bruce is seeking club commitment to State Banquet for participation and organization.  He has received                         positive feedback during his Statewide visits.  It is scheduled for November in Boise.  Volunteers as             follows:  Steve Jones-Caterer and Location; Steve Day-Speakers; Raffle items-Scyler Hill.  Additional             volunteers will be sought at next TIBF meeting.  General discussion and organization ideas are being             solicited by Bruce Flesher from all member clubs.

·         TIBF meeting schedule

            Membership voted to return TIBF meetings back to monthly schedule.  Next meeting is Thursday, March             19, 2009.  By-laws will be amended and approved by April, 2009, meeting.

·         Dave Withers Tournament February 28, 2009, Bell Rapids, Hagerman

·         TBF Presidents Meeting

            Bruce will be attending in March at National Championship in Branson, MO.  He has paid for airfare cost             but asks for reimbursement from the General Fund.  All present voted in favor of President Bruce to be             reimbursed when funds available.  Airfare cost was $627.01

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Shuyler-TIBF Secretary

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