January 15, 2004



President J. C. Worthen called the regular membership of the Idaho State B.A.S.S Federation to order at 7:45 P.M. at the Tri State Marine.


The minutes of the December meeting were read with a modification of the year from 2003Ė2004. Then they were accepted and approved.




After some discussion of the budget it was mentioned that some of the categories be renamed and where and how some of the various funds are being used.

Motion was then made to accept the report.ACCEPTED approved and passed.






The youth divisional will be on June the 19th at Milner.Teams will be from Idaho, Utah, California, Arizona and possibly Montana.

The teams will be from 3 different groups.Scyler needs as many boaters as possible.Contact him if you can assist him.He reassured us that the insurance coverage is under B.A.S.S.


As of January 15th there are 2 youth charters, IBM and BBB.

Scyler has packets for clubs interested in getting a youth group charted.

If you need casting for kids kits Scyler has them also.


Larry reminded everyone that Hooked on Fishing was coming up on February 7,8 at the Karcher Mall.


Dusty made a suggestion and offered to help at the mall for an adult casting contest and money made from this would help the parents of the kids that go back to the nationals.





Mike still continuing meeting with Fish and Game, also the cur of Engineers to work on structure on various improvements at ramps and shorelines at lakes and reservoirs.B.A.S.S. has matching funds for the improvement of the ramps and shorelines.




Continued to remind clubs to piggyback tournaments with other club if possible this helps fish and game with permit issuing.




Steve reported that the state federation newsletter is out.He has had good contact with the various clubs regarding the web site connections.

Superior asks if they made use one of the links of the web page for information about their club activities.After some discussion motioned was made and passed that they may do so.



Jan 24 is the federation banquet at Elks.

J.C. ask if the federation could spend $300 at the various boat shops towards raffle and door prizes for the ladies raffle.

Separate Rod raffle will be going on also.†† Will not have to purchase any tickets the federation has a lot.

Reminded the people to bring raffle items and bring soft lures to set up a box for the kidís boxes that are being made at the various casting events.



Judge Vehlow has asked if the federation could assist him with a project so some of the youth he has in his court system have a fishing day in September.J. C. will contact B.A.S.S and find out about insurance and if we can be covered.He asked that we take this to our clubs and see if we can have some help with boats, they are estimating that there will be from 30-35 kids involved.


J.C asked if the federation would consider contributing $500 to $600 to the Elwin Phipps family federation approved.


Meeting adjourned.

9:03 p.m.

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