The regular membership of the Idaho State B.A.S.S. Federation was called to order by President Dusty Womack at 7:30 P.M. at the Tri State Marine.There were 10officers, representatives and guests present.


The minutes of June 2002 were approved as written.


TREASURY REPORT: The Treasurer reported a balance of $9715.80 of which $2811.44 is Conservation; $180.64 Youth; $3776.43 State Team and $2191.77 in Operating Funds. Treasury report was approved.






YOUTH: Youth Director LARRY RAGANIT was not present and did not report

®        We are still waiting for the youth chapter packets.

®        Scyler talked about the C.A.S.T. event for the East at Lake Walcott. They had 40 boats and still could have used some more help.

®        The C.A.S.T. event for the South will be August 24 at Black Canyon Reservoir.We will need volunteers with boats and any extra fishing tackle available for the kids. We also need pontoon boats for the kids in wheelchairs.

®        Dusty received some products from Berkley.He sent some of it to each region for use in youth events.

®        We are going to try and hold a youth fishing event this year for kids 16 years and younger.The scheduled date in Oct. 5 in Payette at a Federation memberís private pond. The pond might not be fishable by then due to low water or weeds.


CONSERVATION: Conservation Officer STEVE BURK reported:

®        We are still in a low water year.Mormon and Magic Reservoirs have been opened to fish salvage because they are going to go dry.There have been a lot of whitefish dying in the Snake River due to low water levels and high temperatures.

®        Remind everyone in tournaments that with the high temperatures we need to do extra things to keep our fish healthy. Adding salt seems to be working, anglers need to carry ice for cooling livewells as well.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director Dusty Womack reported:

®        The trailer on the release boat is getting in bad shape and needs to be repaired/upgraded. This will probably be done this winter when it is not in use.

®        Updating the tournament rules was discussed.The executive board will meet and go over the rules.

®        The State Team Code of Conduct needs to be updated as well.The executive board will go over these as the same time as the tournament rules.


COMMUNICATION: Communication Officer J.C. WORTHEN reported:

®        Bills for the ads in the newsletter have been sent out.



®        ESPN/B.A.S.S. are cutting back on paying for rooms and meals for officers sent to the Classic.We may need to look at cutting back on the number of people that we send in the future.


There being no more new business, President Womack reminded all that the next meeting would be on August 15.The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.




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