The Idaho Bass Federation

July 20, 2006


President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho Bass Federation to order at 7:45 at Perkins in Twin Falls.  The minutes from the June meeting were read and approved.


TREASURE REPORT:  Karen read treasure report and it was passed.


YOUTH REPORT:  Scyler:  The two Jr. Champions are on their way to Alabama, the youth tournament was on Milner July2nd with a wonderful BBQ sponsored by Window Welder of Buhl with the assistance of parents, state officers and others the entire function went very well.  Good Luck to Anthony and to Mike hope that the trip will be fun.

                                              CAST events will be July 29th at Walcott and on August the 19th at Black Canyon.  Please have all personal that can assist in any way contact Scyler and Bruce.


CONSERVATION:  Cliff:      Castleford Days will be August 12th and 13th Cliff would appreciate any help.  Other events that are coming up are Spud Days @ Rupert in September.

                                              A suggestion to go to Riverside Dock at Milner and build a covered area to weigh fish and possibly placing picnic tables on it, private owner stated that he has no problem with what improvements to the area and we can decide as a state what we would like to do and he is in support of what ever we decide.


TOURNAMENT REPORT:   Bruce:  Scales of Justice plans are going well with entries out in the mail and on the internet.  Please make plans to attend this will be on the 10th of September at C. J. Strike.

                                                The 2nd qualifier will be this weekend at Milner, east and south will be at the same time; Bruce will be out of town so Karen and Gary will take care of both sides.

                                                The 4th and final qualifier for the East and the South will be on September 9th at C.J Strike. 


COMMUNICATION REPORT:   Steve & Gary:  Various types of newsletter proposals were made and also how much to budget for.  Steve mentioned that he would help but needs a lot of input from all of the other officers, board members, and clubs to make it a nice newsletter.

                                                       Gary mentioned that sponsors request at least two letters a year to go out for their promotional advertisements.         

                                                       Discussion was that we sell ads for this to help with expenses; they will be $20, $40, $75, $150.   This paper would be bulk mailed and made as a newspaper, sending them to each member and to be placed at Wal-Mart and throughout the state. 


Old Business:                          FLW/TBF meeting and youth tournaments

Jr. Champions Mike Walsh, Anthony Avalos representing Idaho Money from FLW for the youth,



New Business:                         Gary presented a strategic plan for the state also a letter to the members that will be placed on the web page.  The purpose is to move forward as an organization.

                                                Division of funds.


Meeting adjourned.   9:00 p.m.

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