The Idaho Bass Federation

July 20, 2007


 President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho Bass Federation to order at 7:45@ Milner.  The minutes from the June meeting were read and approved. 


TREASURE REPORT:                  Karen:  Read and approved.


YOUTH REPORT:                Scyler:  The youth are ready for the FLW Cup, Need boats for the CAST event at Walcott July 28 and at Black Canyon August 18.  Scales of Justice information handed out and we need boats for that event also.



CONSERVATION:                Jeff:   not present


TOURNAMENT REPORT:             Scyler South, Karen East- Report the qualifiers are getting entries and they are ready to for the qualifier this weekend at Milner the combination East and South.


VICE President:                     Cliff:  not present fighting fires


COMMUNICATION REPORT:   Steve:  Not present couldn’t get away from work.


Old Business:                          FLW CUP  @ Hot Springs    

                                                Youth State wide and Nationals


                                                Banquet at Boise Area this year       

                                                Sponsor update   

                                                Scales of Justice

                                                CAST- Walcott and Black Canyon

                                                Walleyed Group needs logo for web page

                                                Bruce and the ISCAK information  



New Business:                        Reel Kid Kits

                                                Castleford Days help needed

                                                Youth Information for FLW Cup

                                                Dave Andrews letter to NHB group

                                                            Karen working on presentations to various sponsors for our                                                            appreciation with photos and other information.


Round Table:


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