The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) meeting Minutes Thursday, July 16, 2009, 7:25pm.


††††††††††† The TIBF July monthly meeting was brought to order 7:25pm., Western Marine, Nampa, Idaho.Those in attendance were:Bruce, Flesher, President; Tammy Shuyler, Secretary-Treasurer and IBM;Steve Jones, Conservation Director; Dave Keever, MVBM, IBH, Mini-Cassia, Idaho Walleye Unlimited; Jared Spickelmier, IBA; Mike Ball, SRB, Kurt Campbell (via tele-conference), Idaho Walleye Unlimited.


June 18, 2009, TIBF minutes approved.


Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler

  • Treasurer Report reviewed and approved.

Youth Report-John Lancaster-Absent.Bruce reported.

  • Youth Championship results-Two youth winners were from the North and will move onto World Championships in Pennsylvania.Youth accompanied by one adult will receive 100% of travel funds from TIBF.State Youth Director (John Lancaster) travel expenses will be paid.TIBF received $1800 from TBF and difference will be covered by the TIBF.TBF advised TIBF, we are only state remaining that actually pays travel 100% for Youth.A review of this policy may need to be considered in the near future.

Conservation Report-Steve Jones

  • Bruce reports that crappie transplant from CJ Strike to Lake Lowell appears to have been successful with a near 100% live release rate into Lake Lowell.This should be tremendous help for bass population growth in Lowell.He stated there were only four boats participating on the first transplant date which was thin coverage by the bass fisherman and was likely attributed to last minute notice of the transplant by IDF&G.He is hopeful future calls by IDF&G will have a higher response rate by bass fisherman.

Communication Report-Steve Day

  • Kurt Campbell advises Idaho Walleye Unlimited now has a website.He will email Steve Day link for access via TIBF website.Kurt advises he has photos of recent walleye tournament he will email to Steve for the upcoming TIBF banquet.

Tournament Report-Bruce Flesher

  • South Qualifier held at Owyhee with 27 participants.He expects 30 participants at Milner August 1.
  • He states qualifier participant numbers are up considerably from last year.
  • Early pay program is not working.Payment system will need to be revamped for 2010 season.

Old business

  • Decals- 500 TIBF Decals delivered by Mike Ball, The Sign Shoppe. Total bill of $450.50 presented for payment.TIBF members may purchase the tickets for $1/each.Several clubs including MVBM, IBA, IBM, Idaho Walleye Unlimited are taking decals back to club members for purchase.
  • TIBF By-law change-Final reading as previously published. Motion made to approve by-law as read.Members present voted and all voted in favor of the change.
  • TIBF Qualifier Format change consideration-Bruce is seeking suggestions from TIBF members regarding format changes.Suggestions to date:No qualifying at club level.Have a two tournament weekend but still have tournaments on different waters where possible ie. Brownlee/Hells Canyon or Milner/CJ Strike.Also, would swap non-boater/boaters and reverse blast off order.Bruce wants to implement a change by first of 2010.
  • State Team Code of Conduct Contract-Approved as re-written by Bruce Flesher.
  • TBF Insurance-There is ongoing concern regarding TBF insurance and how it will come into play in response to the CAST incident legal proceedings.Bruce summarized when and how TBF insurance will become involved and he intends to contact clubs who continue to have concerns and questions regarding insurance issues.

New business

  • Scales of Justice-This event organized by Judge Bubba Vehlow will be held this year September 27.Applications were disbursed at the meeting.The application can also be downloaded from TIBF website.Applications need to be received by the noted deadline to ensure all youth participants will have a boat assignment.
  • Castrol award-this is made available by Castrol and is a $100 Walmart gift card.Nominations are being requested from member clubs.The nominee should be someone who exemplifies the TIBF member in fishing, volunteering, promoting and participation of TIBF activities.A profile should accompany the nominee and submitted at upcoming August TIBF meeting.
  • Idaho Walleye Unlimited is seeking participants in the King of the Water two day tournament upcoming August 15 and 16.

2009 TIBF Banquet planning.Date:November 21, 2009

1)      Location:Hilton Garden Inn-Spectrum, Boise, Idaho

2)      Hotel rooms will be discounted at $79/night.

3)      Format will be sit down dinner.

4)      Ticket cost:Individual $70 which will include State/National TBF Dues, dinner, 1 big item raffle ticket, 20 regular raffle tickets.Couple $100 which will include state/National TBF Dues, dinner, 1 big item raffle ticket, 20 regular raffle tickets.

5)      Dinner menu:2 items-Prime Rib and Citrus Peppered Chicken with green salad, red potatoes, green beans.

6)      Raffle tickets can be purchased separately.Those will cost $10 and will not need be present to win.Regular raffle items can be purchased at the banquet and will need to be present to win. Update:Steve Day to deliver tickets at the August meeting and disbursed to member clubs. Tickets will be 2 colors to differentiate from meals only and dues included.

7)      Update:Kurt Campbell, Idaho Walleye, advises he has a sponsor who can create and print banquet posters.These will be done no charge with one contingency no other sponsors can be noted on the poster.All present agreed this would be beneficial since it would be done no charge 200 posters will be printed for disbursement throughout the state.

8)      There will be both a Silent Auction and Live Auction.

9)      Big ticket item suggestions:Gunsafe; ATV; Pellet Stove; Big Screen TV or other ideas. Update:Kelly Lee has announced he will donate a set of tires through his business.Other big ticket item choices could be a Big Screen TV or Gun Safe.

10)  Update:Bruce has drafted a letter which be utilized by membership in soliciting donations and sponsors.It will be uploaded to TIBF website.Regular raffle item suggestions:All kinds of retail services and merchandise.Donít forget the Ladies as well as non-bass fishing guests.

11)  Update:Banquet sponsor with minimum $500 cash or merchandise donation will receive recognition. Update:Recognition will be in the form of 1)Banquet poster 2) TIBF website for 1 year 3) Banner displayed at TIBF Banquet 4) Recognized at the banquet.

12)  Schedule:Late morning start for pre-banquet activities.Banquet will start at 5:00pm. with No host Bar; 6:00pm.-6:20pm. Guest Speaker; 6:30pm. State Team Awards; Following awards, dinner will begin.There will be a PowerPoint presentation during dinner.

13)  Each TIBF member club is asked to provide one (member) as a raffle runner during raffle event.

14)  Guest Speaker-Gary Dobyns.


Meeting adjourned 8:50pm.



APPROVED By-law change.




Section 1:†† Nominations


Nominations for the Federation officers shall be accepted during the November meeting.


Section 2:Elections


Elections will be held at the regular December Federation Board meeting.


Section 3:Voting


Each member club representative will present to that clubs membership the list of nominees.Following a vote by the club members the representative will place a vote for the club at the election meeting as directed by their club members.





Section 2:Dues


Individuals of member clubs will be required to pay dues to The Idaho Bass Federation in the amount of $8.00 annually and to The Bass Federation, Inc. in the amount of $15.00 annually.From dues paid to The Idaho Bass Federation $1.00 will be set aside as a Survivor Fund.This fund will pay to the immediate survivor relative $100.00 on the loss of any current paid member to The Idaho Bass Federation.Added at 6-18-09 meeting:If State/National dues paid after December 31, add $5 per membership.




APPROVED State Team Code of Conduct Contract


The Idaho Bass Federation

State Team Code of Conduct and Contract


By my signature on this form I agree that The Idaho Bass Federation will provide for me certain items of material and monetary value which may include the following.

1.      Any items that The Bass Federation, Inc. or, FLW Outdoors and their sponsors may provide for individual state team members.

2.      A travel allowance that is divided among team members based on the number of persons participating in each regionís qualifying tournaments.

3.      Apparel that will be provided by The Bass Federation, Inc sponsors as well as The Idaho Bass Federation.Apparel provided by The Idaho Bass Federation will be determined by funds collected through in-state qualifying tournaments.

By my signature below I also agree that I will comply with certain conditions outlined by The Bass Federation, Inc, FLW Outdoors and The Idaho Bass Federation, as follows.

1.      I agree to attend all functions as directed by The Idaho Bass Federation Board of Directorís, which will include, the annual state banquet, Reel Kids competitions and may include one or more conservation projects.

2.      I agree to attend all meetings called by the Team Captain during the Northwest Divisional Tournament period at the time and place specified.

3.      I agree to comply with all tournament rules specifically related to the Divisional Tournament.

4.      I agree to wear the apparel provided by The Idaho Bass Federation and itís sponsors in the style and manner directed by the Team Captain at all designated events and during the Divisional Tournament.No individual sponsors will be represented on this apparel that may be in conflict with national sponsors

5.      I agree that I am a member of a ďTEAMĒ representing The Idaho Bass Federation and itís members.I acknowledge that by my accomplishments during the Divisional Tournament I may earn the right to compete at a higher level but, my priority is to make my team a winner.

6.      I agree that I will be paid one half (1/2) of my travel allowance prior to my departure to the Divisional Tournament and the remaining amount will be paid to me following the final weigh-in.I also agree that I will not receive the remaining portion of my travel allowance if I do not comply with this contract.



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