The regular membership of the Idaho State B.A.S.S. Federation was called to order by President J.C. Worthen at 7:30 P.M. at the Tri State Marine.  There were 14 officers, representatives and guests present.


The minutes of  May 2003 were approved as written.


TREASURY REPORT: The Treasury report was approved.






YOUTH: Youth Director SCYLER HILL reported:

J    The Federation Youth Directors agreed to let B.A.S.S. take over the National Youth Championship. Each state can send one kid for each of the two age groups to Championship.

J    Scyler and JC to attend club meeting to talk about youth chapters. There are some possible changes to the Casting Kids program coming.

J    The Eastern Idaho C.A.S.T. event will be July 26 at Lake Walcott.

J    Western Idaho C.A.S.T. event will be August 23 at Black Canyon Reservoir. We need to start looking for stuff for the kids: lures, plastics, hooks, sinkers, etc.

J    A fisherman (Jim Collins) was lost in the river below American Falls; his family set up a memorial fund to be used to buy fishing tackle for kids.


CONSERVATION: Conservation Officer STEVE BURK reported:

J    We are still looking for conservation projects for the Federation.

J    We told IDFG that we are willing to salvage fish from Cascade if the actually do drain it, and that we want to help restock bass into the lake after they poison it.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director JC Worthen reported:

J    Idaho State Team got 2nd at the Regional and we got $4000 back from the Alliance Sponsors.

J    Neil Russell will be our representative to the Nationals next year.

J    Everyone needs to remember to get the Marine Event Permits for their tournaments, especially on Black Sands at C.J. Strike.  The Owyhee County Marine Deputy is checking permits.

J    IDFG is talking about possible tournament rule changes; a lot of people contacted them about it.  We need to watch this…

J    B.A.S.S./ESPN is starting a new tournament circuit for Federation anglers in each region and wants to limit the number of Federation Qualifiers in each State.


COMMUNICATION: Communication Officer STEVE DAY reported:

J    Federation newsletters went out, some of the addresses on the Federation Roster are wrong, if a Federation member did not receive a newsletter, please contact Steve Day or Allan Chandler.

J    It was pointed out that we need to give better notification if a Federation meeting is cancelled.





J    The September Federation meeting will be at Creekside Resort in Twin Falls.

J    There will be changes in the B.A.S.S./ESPN/Federation relationship coming; they probably won’t happen until after 2004. The “Fab Five” Federation representatives incorporated the Federation and asked for $200 from each State Federation for legal fees. B.A.S.S./ESPN wants all Federations to support the National Federation Sponsors rather than deciding between the Alliance and Ranger, etc.



There being no more new business, President Worthen reminded all that the next meeting would be on July 17.  The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.




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