June 17, 2004



President J.C. Worthen called the regular membership of the Idaho State B.A. S. S federation to order at 7:45 P.M. at the Tri State Marine.


The minutes from the May 20, 2004 were read and passed.





Report from the treasure was read and motion made to accept and passed.


YOUTH REPORT:       C.A.S.T.  Events are coming up for the kids in the Boise area, which will be at Black Canyon August 21, and the East will be having their C.A.S.T event on July 24th at Walcott.  Scyler needs all of the assistance that is available he is expecting a lot kids again this year. 


The two youth that will be attending that Classic will have their pictures in the BASS magazine this month. 


Scyler is hoping that we will have more youth participating next year.



CONSERVATION REPORT:        Mike Lemke had no report at this time.



COMMUNICATION REPORT:    Steve reported things were going well.  That he needed the updated addresses and information so he could send out a newsletter he needs some more articles and information to put in the newsletter, it is hard to get one out when everyone is so busy traveling and fishing. 


J. C.  Reported that he and the Judge will be meeting planning the fishing for justice tournament.  He still encourages all of us to get back to our clubs and promote it.  Some questions were asked on how many kids to plan for and J. C. mentioned that is why he was meeting with the judge.


Karen did resend the entry information out about the Scales of Justice Tournament and only one or two had come back as undeliverable.


Gary mentioned he would remind the East side of the state of this event and ask that as many as could come to help could do so.



TOURNAMENT REPORT:  Bruce reported that that the south is getting ready for their next qualifier which will be on the 10th of July and the following day is the Jack and Jill tournament that Don & Carmen Boeger is taking care of it this year and hoping for a good turn out.



Old Business:       Fish and Game want a fundraiser tournament Sept 25, 26 at Cascade some discussion of the various entry fees and catching the tagged fish for prize money.  More information will be provided at the meeting next month.


2006 Divisionals are coming to IDAHO so we need to get ready.  Several various Lakes and Reservoirs have been suggested and various people are looking in to the possibility of where we can have them.


Outdoor Expo will be at the Karcher Mall on July 22-24.  Larry will need a lot of assistance for this big event.


New Business:     Gary asked to consider the possibility of the $6.00 per entry at all of the federation tournaments be used toward the purchase of the clothes and attire for the state team.  Doing it this way would be beneficial to all of the team also Gary state he would take it on upon himself to get the shirts for next years team. 


Dusty stated that he felt it was a possibility of getting rid of the alternate for the team for years to come.  J. C.  Said that he knew nothing could be done until after next year qualifier and that all of the clubs had to discuss and report back later. 


Another issue regarding the shirts was that all of the team members get their money back since they had no shirt for the divisional, Dusty was to contact all of the other team members and see how they felt and bring the information back to the board.


J. C. and Mike will be going to the Classic in late July.


No more new business and we adjourned at 9:06 p. m.


Adjourned at 9:11...


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