The Idaho Bass Federation

June 18, 2008



    President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho Bass Federation to order at 7:45@ Western Marine.  The minutes from the May meeting were read and approved. 


TREASURE REPORT:                  Karen:        Read and approved.


YOUTH REPORT:                 Gary, Scyler and Debbie:  Upcoming events Sage Brush Days in Buhl and Filer Fun Days.  These will need Reel Kid Kits and help with.  Walcott CAST we will need assistance with boats and observers. 

                                                Youth State tournament had 24 youth this year with the majority from north area.  Request next year to consider having state youth   State and nation has a 51% membership increase. 



CONSERVATION:                Cliff:  Please start gathering flower pots or various planters to put the trees and items in for the structure plant.

                                                TBF has hired the new conservation director.  Troy Limmer from Colorado, a real plus for the western states, he has also participate in the western divisional at Arizona on the newly organized Colorado  State team.  He has fished at C. J. Strike so is familiar with Idaho Lakes, very willing to help Idaho if we need.



                                                Bruce South, Karen East:  1st qualifier is coming up for east and south.  In July is the 2nd at Milner with both groups.

                                                Bruce:  Scales of Justice Tournament September 28th. C. J

                                                Kurt: Walleye had their tournament at Salmon Falls had a great tournament breaking a lot of records. They were happy with the success.  Upcoming event is the King of the water tournament with the Bass and Walleye fishing persons in August at Salmon Falls and Milner.


COMMUNICATION   Steve:  Still trying to get various clubs to get articles for a newsletter.



     OLD BUSINESS:                   Lowrance award $800 gift certificate for Idaho for book Karen Submitted @ nationals.

                                                     CAST @ Walcott and Black Canyon.     

                                                     Change By-Laws for quarterly meetings rather than monthly.




NEW BUSINESS:                  Split of Western Divisional if changes goes into effect 2010

                                                New Junior State Champions FLW in August (Jacob, Jeff)

                                                CAST @ Walcott July and Black Canyon August

                                                Scales of Justice September

                                                August Walleye and Bass Tournament Milner Salmon Falls

                                                            Castleford Days

                                                Start collecting hats so we have them on hand for youth    events.