The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) meeting Minutes Thursday, June 18, 2009, 7pm.


            The TIBF June monthly meeting was brought to order 7:00pm., Idaho Joes Restaurant, Twin Falls, Idaho.  Those in attendance were:  Bruce, Flesher, President; Tammy Shuyler, Secretary-Treasurer and IBM;  Steve Day, Webmaster and SRBM; Dave Keever, Mini-Cassia, Idaho Walleye Unlimited; Scyler Hill, MVB; Jared Spikelmier, IBA; Nathan Cooke, MVB and IBH; Dale Taylor, MVB and IBH; Kelly Lee, Mini-Cassia; Michael Tauscher, SRVB.


May 21, 2009, TIBF minutes approved.


Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler

  • Treasurer Report reviewed and approved with one addition for E. Qualifier account of $1840.

Youth Report-John Lancaster-Absent.  Bruce reported following:

  • John Lancaster is at the Youth Championship in Coeur D Alene.
  • Mason’s Trophies and gifts for youth awards is $142.04.  The additional $22.04 was approved by Bruce.
  • Western Marine, Nampa, ID, donated two Ranger jerseys to be worn by Youth Champion winners.  The jerseys will have names imprinted and be worn at the upcoming NGJWC.

Conservation Report-Steve Jones-Absent. Bruce reported on following:

  • Lake Lowell update-Per Sen. Crapo, if any changes at all to Lake management, they will be implemented 2012.  A F&G study will be required.  There is a petition authored by Lou Steiner to keep boating on lake.
  • Weigh-in procedures-Fisherman are reminded of Steve Jones document outlining proper weigh-in procedures. The document can be downloaded from off the conservation section.
  • Milner Fish Tagging study update-Fish were found to have moved from “Wally World” up to Jackson Bridge.

Communication Report-Steve Day

  • Members are encouraged to review TIBF website
  • Steve will begin uploading info to Youth and Conservation section of website.

Tournament Report-Bruce Flesher

  • East and North have held qualifiers.  South upcoming June 27 on Owyhee.
  • TBF members can fish any division they choose and no one can be turned away if a paid TBF member.
  • When East and South qualifier is a combined tournament, they will draw combined.

Old business

  • Banners and decals-Banners delivered by Mike Ball, The Sign Shoppe. A motion made and approved for TIBF to purchase 500 stickers.  MVB has committed to 100.  Clubs may purchase the tickets for $1/each.
  • Flaming Gorge, Wyoming update by Bruce-12 Idaho Fisherman participated with Idaho capturing 3rd overall.  He stated it was tough fishing due to strong winds and thunderstorms.  Congratulations to Brandon Palaniuk(North) and Bill Golightly(East) who were Idaho’s top finishers and will move on to the Championship.
  • TIBF By-law change-First Reading as previously published. A suggestion was made and added to change as follows:  If State/National dues paid after Dec. 31, add $5. (See full proposed change below)
  • TIBF Qualifier Format change consideration-Bruce is seeking suggestions from TIBF members regarding format changes.  Suggestions to date:  Qualify at club level by sending top 10 fisherman to State Championship.  Suggested funding would be 1) raise State dues or qualifying fisherman from the club, if interested, pay entry fees to fish in the State Championship. Bruce wants to implement change by first of 2010.

New business

  • East Qualifier water choice discussion-Comments discussed regarding Twin Lakes choice.  Explanation of choosing Twin Lakes involved the first choice was on Memorial Day weekend.  Bruce stated that better diligence in date selection will be adhered to at the Major Scheduling meeting in November.
  • Divisional State Team payouts-Bruce seeks input for a method of fair payouts to divisional state team fisherman.   New guidelines will be implemented with a revised Divisional Fisherman Code of Conduct contract.  He will prepare and present at next meeting.
  • BSU Anglers Club-Jared Spickelmier spoke about the newly organized college level fishing club.  He indicated that some of the benefits are no tournament fees and some expenses are paid.  He is encouraging all TBF members to spread the word about College bass fishing.


2009 TIBF Banquet planning.  Date:  November 21, 2009

1)      Update:  Location:  Hilton Garden Inn-Spectrum, Boise, Idaho

2)      Update:  Hotel rooms will be discounted at $79/night.

3)      Format will be sit down dinner.

4)      Ticket cost:  Individual $70 which will include State/National TBF Dues, dinner, 1 big item raffle ticket, 20 regular raffle tickets.  Couple $100 which will include state/National TBF Dues, dinner, 1 big item raffle ticket, 20 regular raffle tickets.

5)      Update:  Dinner menu:  2 items-Prime Riber and Citrust Peppered Chicken with green salad, red potatoes, green beans.

6)      Raffle tickets can be purchased separately.  Those will cost $10 and will not need be present to win.  Regular raffle items can be purchased at the banquet and will need to be present to win. Update:  Steve Day to deliver tickets at the July  meeting and disbursed to member clubs.

7)      Update:  Tammy Shuyler volunteered to design a banquet poster.  Draft will be delivered at July meeting.

8)      Update:  There will be both a Silent Auction and Live Auction.

9)      Big ticket item suggestions:  Gunsafe; ATV; Pellet Stove; Big Screen TV or other ideas. Update:  Big ticket item choices narrowed to Big Screen TV or Gun Safe.

10)  Regular raffle item suggestions:  All kinds of retail services and merchandise.  Don’t forget the Ladies as well as non-bass fishing guests.

11)  Update:  Banquet sponsor with minimum $500 cash or merchandise donation will receive recognition. Update:  Recognition will be in the form of 1)  Banquet poster 2) TIBF website for 1 year 3) Banner displayed at TIBF Banquet 4) Recognized at the banquet.

12)  Schedule:  Update:  Late morning start for pre-banquet activities.  Banquet will start at 5:00pm. with No host Bar; 6:00pm.-6:20pm. Guest Speaker; 6:30pm. State Team Awards; Following awards, dinner will begin.  There will be a powerpoint presentation during dinner.

13)   Each TIBF member club is asked to provide one (member) as a raffle runner during raffle event.

14)  Update:  Guest Speaker-Gary Dobyns.  As a side note, problems with Dobyn Rods has been eliminated.


Meeting adjourned 9:15pm.





Section 1:   Nominations


Nominations for the Federation officers shall be accepted during the November meeting.


Section 2:  Elections


Elections will be held at the regular December Federation Board meeting.


Section 3:  Voting


Each member club representative will present to that clubs membership the list of nominees.  Following a vote by the club members the representative will place a vote for the club at the election meeting as directed by their club members.





Section 2:  Dues


Individuals of member clubs will be required to pay dues to The Idaho Bass Federation in the amount of $8.00 annually and to The Bass Federation, Inc. in the amount of $15.00 annually.  From dues paid to The Idaho Bass Federation $1.00 will be set aside as a Survivor Fund.  This fund will pay to the immediate survivor relative $100.00 on the loss of any current paid member to The Idaho Bass Federation.  Added at 6-18-09 meeting:  If State/National dues paid after December 31, add $5 per membership.


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