March 21, 2002 MEETING MINUTES


The regular membership of the Idaho State B.A.S.S. Federation was called to order by President Dusty Womack at 7:30 P.M. at Noodles Restaurant.  There were 14  officers, representatives and guests present.


The minutes of  February 2002 were approved as written.


TREASURY REPORT: The Treasurer reported a balance of $12,988.70 of which $2811.44 is Conservation ; $0 in the Lake Lowell fund, $105.64 Youth; $7961.37 State Team and $1924.97 in Operating Funds. Treasury report was approved.






YOUTH: Youth Director LARRY RAGANIT reported:

¨        B.A.S.S. sent us a check for $1480 to send the Kids Casting Champs back East.  Another $225 was raised for the kids at the Pitching Contests at the Caldwell Fishing Expo.  This totaled to $1705; unfortunately the tickets ended up costing $2150 for a shortfall of $445.  Larry Made a motion to reimburse them for the extra cost; motion passed.  $100 will come out of Youth and the rest out of the General Fund.

¨        Panhandle Bass has submitted a proposal to have every club in the Federation send in $50 each year so that we have money for the Kids Casting Champions without scrambling to find it.  This money will be used only for travel expenses for the Casting Champions and any excess funds will be deposited in the Youth Fund.  We hope to vote on this proposal at the April or May Federation meeting, so all Club Reps need to take this back to their clubs and discuss it.

¨        B.A.S.S. is trying to organize a National Youth Invitational Tournament called to Bryan Kerchal Memorial Tournament.  A letter with more information will be posted on the Federation website.

¨        Idaho needs to start more Youth Chapters.

¨        Motion made and passed to reimburse Schyler Hill for his plane ticket back to the Nationals.


CONSERVATION: Conservation Officer STEVE BURK reported:

¨        The Trash Cleanup at Lake Owyhee went well, and the weather was fairly nice.  We had 24 Federation members there picking up trash.  Considerably less trash was found this year, so maybe we are staying ahead of the litterers…

¨        Chris Mallanges from the Oregon Dept of Parks & Rec told us that he will be required to collect some money from any clubs holding a tournament at Owyhee or Farewell Bend State Park.  He will waive the $100 use fee, but we will have to pay a users fee based on the number of people at the tournament.  0 – 50 people will be $25; 51 – 100 people will be $50; over 100 people will be $100.  He will also need proof of insurance and a 30-day advance notice of any tournament held in one of the State Parks.    Dusty is working on getting the insurance information for the Federation to Chris.

¨        There will be another trash pickup this weekend, March 23 on the Snake River along Map Rock Road.  Anyone wanting to help out needs to meet at the Nampa Fish & Game Headquarters at 8:00 a.m.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director Dusty Womack reported:

¨        Anyone wanting to fish the Federation Qualifiers needs to have their dues in as least 30 days prior to the first Qualifier tournament in their region.  For the East and South the cutoff date is April 12; for the North the cutoff is April 5.

¨        The Southern region needs a weighmaster to help Dusty out at the Qualifiers. 

¨        Dusty will not be at the July Southern Region Qualifier because he will be back East.  We will need to have several people there to help out since he will be gone.


COMMUNICATION: Communication Officer J.C. WORTHEN reported:

¨        The latest newsletter is out.  We were charged $690 for this newsletter including a folding charge for a non-folded newsletter.  We may look at an alternate method of producing newsletters.

¨        The Federation website was given a facelift; please check it out.



¨        The proposal to add participation points to the Qualifier scores was voted on and failed to pass.



¨        It was brought up that we need to reserve the Elks for the 2003 Federation Banquet;  is was discussed and decided to have the banquet at the Elks again next year.

¨        Allan Chandler has been making some repairs to the release boat; he replaced the front tank as it was rotted.  A motion was made and passed to reimburse him $364.35 out of the Conservation Fund.


There being no more new business, President Womack reminded all that the next meeting would be on April 18.  The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.




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