March 18, 2004



Vice President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho State B.A. S. S Federation to order at 7:45 P.M. at the Tri State Marine.


The minutes from the February 19, 2004 were read and passed.





Report from the treasure was read and motion made to accept and passed.




Scyler was excused from the meeting so there was no report.




Mike reported that he was just waiting for the permit to be release for the day when we can go to Black Sands and do the trees and other various things to help out the structure for the conservation. 


Mike said that he would email the clubs and let them know when this will take place.





Steve will get the newsletter ready so please contact him.  He is waiting for articles.  And now the membership list from Karen, which she is working on.




Everything looks good and the clubs are working towards the piggy backing of the various tournaments.


Bruce was there reminding everyone about the IBM tournament at Brownlee coming up.


Old Business:

Federation needs to buy 50 motor bands for the boats these are very helpful for the tournaments if some one has mechanical problems, money from the south operating fund to do this. Motion made and passed.



New Business:

Kids going to nationals, need some finances to help out?  How are we going to help these kids, and one of their parents to travel and stay at the nationals?  This will be in North Carolina.  Consider each club helping out by donate $100. Talk to your clubs. Also the possibility of Collins fund, and the south offered to help.


Neil Russell was given $1300 for the classic, which was deducted from the South fund. 


Steve reported that the bands for boats was ordered and it was decided by the group to use a permanent marker to write #s on the bands.







Adjourned at 9:11.....

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