May 20, 2004



President J.C. Worthen called the regular membership of the Idaho State B.A. S. S federation to order at 7:45 P.M. at the Tri State Marine.


The minutes from the April 15, 2004 were read and passed.





Report from the treasure was read and motion made to accept and passed.




Scyler reported that the state divisional was held at Milner over the weekend and we have our representatives.In the 14-18 age group Riley Anthony was first and in the 10-13 age group the winner was Phillip Michael.

Scyler was happy with the support from the ones that were able to come and help with boats or weigh in he said with the wind and cold front that he said the kids all fished well.

The two winners will go to Charlotte, South Carolina July 22-24.


The Cast for Kids will be at Walcott on July 24th.†† PLEASE HELP if possible.Karen will remind SRVBC and Eagle Rock about this.





Mike reported the recipe for the catch and release was very successful at the last big tournament and strongly encouraged every club to try to use it.


At the tournaments the handling of the fish had been going well havenít heard of any complaints at this time.


He said he could still use 5 gallon plastic buckets for the structure project that he has been working on please help get some of them to him if possible or give him a suggestion to who might have extras.




Steve was gone but J. C. mentioned that many of the Scales of Justice entries were returned.He asks and sends the returned ones with Karen to see if she had a better chance of going over the list that she had.



Bruce went over the upcoming south qualifier entry regarding off limits and to get some idea how many would be attending.


J. C. went over the state team results and how Idaho was fairing out.


Old Business:

The 2006 Western Divisional will be in Idaho he has ask several people to help him get some information about the various places round to see what bid and accommodations can be made.Dusty will be checking about Lake Lowell, Bernie from north end will check out the Coeur DíAlene, and Scyler will check out Milner.

J. C.Mentioned he would let the various interested people know what B.A.S.S expects so the group knows what ask for.


New Business:


Larry stated that at the Karcher Mall there will be and outdoor expo going on July 22-24, and that he is setting various things up, used and new lure sales.This is intended to raise money for the youth he said as soon as he got the rest of the information he would get it posted on the web page.


Up coming tournament is at C. J. on the 12th of June while at Mountain Home please try to stop and see the Viet Nam Moving Memorial it is scheduled to be at Mountain Home June 16th-19th.


J. C.Ask if we could get a check for $1000 to each of the kids that are going to South Carolina the board agreed to do so.


No more new business and we adjourned at 9:06 p. m.






Adjourned at 9:11...


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