The Idaho Bass Federation

May 11, 2006



President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho State Bass Federation to order at 7:45 at Tri State Marine.  The minutes from the April meeting were read and approved.


TREASURE REPORT:  Karen read treasure report and it was passed.


YOUTH REPORT:  Scyler the Casting events and the Jr. B.A.S.S masters are all on schedule.


CONSERVATION:  Individual Clubs reported various projects that they are working on.



TOURNAMENT REPORT:    The qualifiers are all in order for the Idaho TBF state teams, East and South are having the first qualifier on the first and second weekend of June.  The north has had their first one.


The Western divisional is all in place and ready to begin this week.  The teams are all arriving and beginning to pre-fish.  All of the events in conjunction with the divisional are all ready to begin.

Bruce handed out the programs they turned out fantastic Thanks to All that helped.



COMMUNICATION REPORT: The program as mentioned above.



Old Business:       Divisional at Lowell May

                             BASS/TBF update

                             Election for officers for TBF/FLW state officers

Election for officers for The BASS Federation Nation state officersJ

                             Remaining shirt money to split among the original 12 team members.

The up and coming qualifiers to share permits between the TBF and the Federation Nation for the water.


New Business:     Election of the Federation Nation Officers:    President Bill Shouse, Vice President Jesse Neubauer, Secretary Tres/ Charma Cooke.  Charma declined so there is a vacancy for this position.


Election of the Idaho Bass Federation Officers:  President Gary Keith, Vice President Bruce Flesher, Sec/Tres Karen Keith.




Meeting adjourned. 9:15

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