The Idaho Bass Federation

May 17, 2007


 President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho Bass Federation to order at 7:45@ Perkins in Twin Falls.  The minutes from the April meeting were read and approved. 


TREASURE REPORT:                  Karen:  Read and approved.


YOUTH REPORT:                Scyler: 

                                                The Idaho State Youth Championship will be on the 20th of May @   Milner. This upcoming weekend please help if possible.


CONSERVATION:                Jeff:   A suggestion was made that it would be a good idea to use PVC     in buckets and have cement bottom they settle in the waters better.  In       the fall good time possible for Milner and other for conservation   projects.


TOURNAMENT REPORT:             Scyler South, Karen East- Report the qualifiers are getting entries and they are ready to begin the tournaments in June.


VICE President:                     Cliff:  Sgt. Gonzalez from the Idaho National Guard was present and listened to various ideas that both TIBF and National Guard could do together to strengthen the state.

                                                Castleford days is in August it will be a big production with the National Guard, fly by with the military, all sorts of entertainment.  Please see if you can schedule in this date to help it be a success.  August the 11-12. 

                                                The $500 gift card from Wal-Mart to be used in at a tournament that has various officers from the clubs throughout the state and also an entry fee, this was tabled and to be discussed with other ideas also.




Old Business:                          Quarterly meeting rather than monthly.

                                                Boat Non Boater proposal from nationals 

                                                     Cast events coming up


New Business:                         FLW CUP  @ Hot Springs    

                                                Youth State wide and Nationals


                                                Banquet at Boise Area this year       

                                                Sponsor update   

                                                Scales of Justice

                                                CAST- Walcott and Black Canyon


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