The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) meeting Minutes Thursday,  May 21, 2009, 7pm.


            The TIBF May monthly meeting was brought to order 7:00pm., Western Marine, Nampa, Idaho.  Those in attendance were:  Bruce, Flesher, President; John Lancaster, Vice-President/Youth Director; Tammy Shuyler, Secretary-Treasurer and IBM; Steve Jones, Conservation Director; Steve Day, Webmaster; Mike Ball, SRBM; Dave Keever, Mini-Cassia, Idaho Walleye and IBH; Scyler Hill, Magic Valley Bassmasters; Zach Weismann,IBM;


April 16, 2009, TIBF minutes approved.


Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler

  • Treasurer Report reviewed and approved.
  • Tammy advised she talked to Tom Wolf, IDFG Aquatic Plants Program Manager regarding the Idaho mussel threat.  He was unable to attend the meeting but provided TIBF a summary of current program standings which follows these minutes. He appreciates the Federation support of the fight against the mussel and other invasive species threats.  He offered to speak at our events and was interested in attending the TIBF banquet.  Spread the word, not mussels.

Youth Report-John Lancaster

  • Youth Championship will be held at Harrison State Park, Coeur D Alene, ID, June 20-21, 2009.  Information on the Harrison State Park can be found in the web.  He projects 25 youth will participate.  He was given $120 to purchase awards for winners.  Bruce will contact Ranger seeking jersey donations for the winners.  Winners will receive 1 paid airfare each for youth and adult for travel to Pennsylvania FLW Championship.
  • Reel Kids recap submitted to TBF for benefit of sponsors.  Sponsors want to see participation numbers and see where their $ are going and use of their sponsorship funds.
  • SRB sponsored Youth Open on Owyhee May 9.  They had 29 youth participants.

Conservation Report-Steve Jones

  • Fishing line recycling-Steve advises this is work in progress. 
  • Scyler Hill announced a new program MVB has implemented.  Is is called Post Tournament Bass Stock-Piling Evaluation in collaboration with IDFG and Idaho Bass Clubs.  Details are posted on TIBF website.  MVB encourages all bass clubs holding tournaments on Milner participate.

Communication Report-Steve Day

  • Members are encouraged to review TIBF website
  • Steve reminds members they are now able to post their business info on website.  Send info to Steve via webmaster email.

Tournament Report-Bruce Flesher

  • He has received multiple entries for all three divisions.
  • North has already held a qualifier.  They had 2 tournaments in one weekend which seems to be a preferred format.  They had 18 fisherman (excellent turnout).  Results are posted on TIBF website.
  • East qualifier also held.  They had 14 fisherman.  Again, see results on website.

Old business

  • Banners and decals-A cost estimate was presented by Mike Ball from The Sign Shoppe, Caldwell.  Members present liked both the decal and banner design with one suggestion to change “Idaho” on banner to blue lettering.  Motion with approval by reps present for TIBF to purchase 3 banners at a cost of $125.00 each.  Banner size is 2’x6’.  Reps were asked to discuss decals with respective club members seeking a commitment of how many decals club would purchase.  Decal costs:  500 minimum order at .85 each
  • Ranger Cup money-Walleye has adequate boats to participate.  This means Walleye plus three Idaho qualifier divisions will each receive $100 to be awarded to highest Ranger finisher at end of season.

New business

  • TIBF By-law change-The following are proposed changes to State By-laws:

      Survivor fund and State/TBF dues verbage to be added.  Also, officer election amended for November nomination, vote in December and change January 1.

  • Next TIBF meeting will be held in Twin Falls at Idaho Joes in the Glenwood Mall,  June 18, 2009, at 7pm.
  • TIBF meeting via teleconference-efforts are undergoing to research TIBF to have meetings via teleconference.  We will initially attempt audio only.  There were several recommendations to research including,,  Tentative schedule for use within next 30 days.
  • Membership growth-There are TBF clubs in North, South and Eastern Idaho but none in Central ie. Lewiston, Orofino.  Tammy will facilitate contacts to determine if there is any interest from folks in Central Idaho to start a TBF bass fishing club.
  • TIBF Qualifier Format change consideration-Bruce is seeking suggestions from TIBF members regarding format changes.  Suggestions to date:  Qualify at club level by sending top 10 fisherman to State Championship.  Suggested funding would be 1) raise State dues or qualifying fisherman from the club, if interested, pay entry fees to fish in the State Championship.
  • 2009 TIBF Banquet planning.  Date:  November 21, 2009

1)      Location search update:  Steve Jones is handling.  Appears choices are narrowed down to Holiday Inn-Airport, or Hilton Garden at the Spectrum, both in Boise.  There were several suggestions including the above as well as Nampa Civic Center which charges $495.00 to rent and Meridian Courtyard Marriot which has so-so service.  Steve will continue to talk to both Airport Holiday and Hilton Garden to identify the best deal.

2)      Format will be sit down dinner.

3)      Ticket cost:  Individual $70 which will include State/National TBF Dues, dinner, 1 big item raffle ticket, 20 regular raffle tickets.  Couple $100 which will include state/National TBF Dues, dinner, 1 big item raffle ticket, 20 regular raffle tickets.

4)      Dinner menu:  Beef, Chicken, Fish.  This may be reduced to just two items.

5)      Raffle tickets can be purchased separately.  Those will cost $10 and will not need be present to win.  Regular raffle items can be purchased at the banquet and will need to be present to win. Update:  Steve Day will design and create raffle tickets and deliver at the June TIBF meeting.

6)      Big ticket item suggestions:  Gunsafe; ATV; Pellet Stove; Big Screen TV or other ideas. Update:  Hobi Kayak is willing to meet clubs at an outdoor location to demonstrate their product.  Bruce is talking with them for potential big ticket item.

7)      Regular raffle item suggestions:  All kinds of retail services and merchandise.  Don’t forget the Ladies as well as non-bass fishing guests.

8)      Banquet sponsor with minimum $500 cash or merchandise donation will receive recognition.

9)      Schedule:  5:00pm. Start-No host Bar; 6:00pm.-6:20pm. Guest Speaker; 6:30pm. State Team Awards; Following awards, dinner will begin.  There will be a PowerPoint presentation during dinner.

10)   Each TIBF member club is asked to provide one (member) as a raffle runner during raffle event.

Meeting adjourned 9:15pm.




Idaho Invasive Species Update 5/18/2009



Idaho is home to outstanding fisheries and incredibly healthy and diverse native aquatic ecosystems.  Very few aquatic invasive species (AIS) are found in the state when compared to most states in the US, and many waterbodies in Idaho have no AIS at all.  Idaho has a unique opportunity to protect its pristine aquatic ecosystems through education and prevention efforts.

Invasive aquatic species cause billions of dollars of damage nationally every year to fisheries, recreation, and water related infrastructure.  Zebra and quagga mussels are potentially the most destructive to aquatic ecosystems and they are currently found less than 130 from the Idaho border in Utah.  Due to the proximity of the mussel threat and the potential impact to Idaho and the entire Columbia Basin, the Idaho legislature passed two pieces of legislation to address this threat. 

House Bill 213 creates an invasive species fund for the purpose of preventing the introduction and transport of invasive aquatic species in the state.  The fund will be developed through the collection of sticker fees for all motorized and non-motorized watercraft.  The exception being non-motorized inflatable craft less than 10’ in length.  Out of state boats are also required to have the sticker.  An emergency provision in the bill requires implementation upon the Governor’s signature in order to address the invasive species threat for the 2009 season.  The bill was signed in April 2009 Idaho Department of Parks and Rec and Idaho Department of Agriculture are quickly trying to implement the program for the 2009 boating season.  Distribution of stickers to venders around the state and educating the public about the program is still developing.

Senate Resolution 109 also passed the legislature this year requesting a declaration of emergency to address the threat of zebra / quagga mussels to the state.  The resolution requests that the Idaho Department of Agriculture use emergency funding in order to prevent the introduction of invasive aquatic species into the state.  This funding would bridge the funding gap of the sticker program until the invasive species fund is developed.

Program talking points

·         Every year zebra / quagga mussels are kept out of the state delays the costs of fishery and infrastructure damage to the state and the Columbia Basin. 

·         Every year we can keep them out gets us closer to a possible effective treatment to kill them.  Trials are currently going on in Lake Mead testing a possible specific treatment for zebra / quagga mussels using a soil bacteria.

·         The effects of zebra / quagga mussels on salmon in the Columbia Basin could be devastating.

·         Due to the emergency clause in House Bill 213 things have had to be enacted quickly.  Stickers are currently available online, through the mail, and will be available at all Parks and Rec offices by May 22nd.  If stickers are purchased online, print your receipt and this will serve as a proof of purchase of the sticker.  If purchased through the mail, copy your application and/or check and that will serve as a proof of purchase.  DO NOT keep from boating if you haven’t received your sticker.  Have your proof of purchase with you and get out and enjoy the fishing.

·         Distribution of the boat stickers is currently being expanded.  Stickers should be available throughout retailers that wish to participate in the program in the very near future.

·         Enforcement of the sticker program will be conducted by Idaho Fish and Game and other state, federal, and county marine patrol officers.

·         The Invasive Species Fund:  The fund will be used for prevention, education, and survey for invasive aquatic species.

o       Prevention:  Idaho is currently attempting to establish mandatory boat inspection stations at all major roads entering the state.  Inspection and certification of all boats entering the state will be required.  If the watercraft is determined to be a threat for spreading AIS, it will be decontaminated on-site with a 140 degree water wash.

o       Education:  Education is essential to make the boating public aware of the AIS threat to the state.  Billboards, boat ramp signage, PSA’s and print media are planned to help educate the public on how to prevent the spread of AIS.

o       Survey:  Survey is critical for the early detection of AIS.  Though very limited, there are some options for eradicating zebra / quagga mussels, but the populations must be detected early on. 

I appreciate TIBF’s interest in the program.  I look forward to working with you in the future to help prevent the spread of AIS to protect the waters of Idaho.


If you have any questions about the program or would like more information please contact                Tom Woolf, Aquatic Plant Program Manager 208-332-8564,






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