TBF North Division Regional Meeting



TBF members from Panhandle Bass Anglers and Panhandle TBF attended the meeting. Tom McVay was voted in as representative for the Northern division of TBF. A vote was taken as to the format for this years Northern Qualifiers. It was decided to have a 2 day qualifier at Morton Slough on 8/9 and 8/10. The times will be first safe light to 3:00 pm and the entry fee will be $200 per person. This will be an individual tournament with boaters fishing against boaters and non boaters against non boaters. All new Fish and Game rules for Lake Pend Oreille will be enforced. There will be big fish and heavy stringer option of $10 for each division. To be guaranteed a boater position you must register with a non boater. TBF tournament rules will be used to decide points.

It was decided to use the tournament scheduled on May3rd and 4th on Dworshak as an open tournament to raise funds for the Northern State Qualifier team. This fund raiser tournament will be an 80% payback with half of the club proceeds going to support the Northern TBF Qualifiers and the other half going into the operating funds for the North division.

It was decided to keep a separate checking account with funds from TBF events separate from other club events and to give a financial report at each meeting. Tom McVay will contact Karen Keith as to the roster of Northern TBF members.


In attendance:

Rick Kraack

Chad Kaiser

Mike Petersen

Brandon Paulanick

Aaron Camp

Ben Schilling

Erick Wycoff

Don Dethloff

Tom McVay


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