October 18, 2001 MEETING MINUTES


The regular membership of the Idaho State B.A.S.S. Federation was called to order by Vice President James Raitter at 7:30 P.M. at the Tri State Marine.There were 11officers, representatives and guests present.


The minutes ofSeptember 2001 were approved as written.


TREASURY REPORT: The Treasurer reported a balance of $13,356.95 of which $0 is Conservation ; $2811.40 in the Lake Lowell fund, $105.64 Youth; $7636.00 State Team and $3997.13 in Operating Funds. Treasury report was approved.


INTRODUCTIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: no guests were introduced:




YOUTH: Youth Director LARRY RAGANIT was not present and did not report.

®        The Youth Director next year will be going to the National Championship.


CONSERVATION: Conservation Officer STEVE SPICKELMIER reported:

®        The Conservation Officer next year will be going to the Classic.

®        The ban on tournament fishing on federal waters is on hold and the government is putting together a team to study to situation.We still donít know if we can have tournaments on Lake Lowell next year or not.The people at the refuge are asking about the handicapped dock project.Steve told them that we wonít put any more time or money into Lake Lowell until we know if we will be allowed to hold tournaments there.

®        Steve mentioned a new web site at: www.bassfan.com.This website follows the various professional tournament trails and has news about tournaments and pros.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director J.C. WORTHEN reported:

®        Tournament date setting meeting will be Nov. 8 at Tri State Marine.

®        Any tournaments held in Oregon next year will need to have permits.If the tournament is under 24 boats, only a permit from the county sheriff will be required.If over 24 boats, permits from fish and game and the marine board are still required.


COMMUNICATION: Communication Officer JAMES RAITTER reported:

®        Newsletter is almost ready; James has three more pages to fill.He hopes to have it at the printer by next Monday.



®        Banquet is coming up Jan. 19 at the Elks in Caldwell.

®        B.A.S.S. sent us some information about a Federation Alliance for Federation Sponsors.It talked about what we would get from the sponsors and what they expect from us if we sign the agreement.We will vote on approving the contract at next monthís meeting.

®        Some motions were made concerning the State Team member that has been asked to return the Regional Qualifier expense money.He sent a letter by FAX to the Federation saying that he intends to pay us back and that he isnít happy that we filed suit against him.

o       After discussion, a motion was made and passed to continue the suit unless he pays all the money back or at least signs a contract that specifies a payback schedule.

o       Another motion was made and passed to offer him a contract to pay back the Federation in 3 payments of $300 and the 4th with the remainder of the money.



®        Nominations for next yearís Federation officers are:

o       President:Dusty Womack

o       Vice President: Steve Burk,JC Worthen

o       Secretary/Treasurer:Steve Day


There being no more new business, Vice President Raitter reminded all that the next meeting would be on Nov. 15.The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.




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