October 20, 2005


President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho State BASS Federation to order at 7:45 at Tri State Marine.  The minutes from the September meeting was read and approved.


TREASURE REPORT:  Karen read treasure report and it was passed.


YOUTH REPORT:  Scyler reported The State Cast contest will be on November 12 in Boise location TBD.  Doing it this way so the Team members will be able to assist in this competition.


CONSERVATION REPORT:  Continued discussion on the report of repair of release boat that will take place over the winter metal has been purchased and when the season if completed the release boat will be brought to Jerome so that the major repair can begin to take place.  Fish & Game are still considering on purchasing a new motor and parts to fix the boat.

It has been mentioned on various times  to try to keep the use of Milner down some this year there were a lot of tournaments so lets be careful

when scheduling the new tournaments for the 2006 season.


TOURNAMENT REPORT:  Bruce has scheduled the John DEER Tractor to have our November 3rd (2006) Tournament planning meeting, he also mention that this weekend is the snow bowl at C. J.  Strike.


COMMUNICATION REPORT:  Gary and Karen sent a one page newsletter to all of state federation to remind them of the up and coming events.  After banquet intentions are to begin the large year end newsletter.


Old Business:


                   2006 Divisional



Nomination for Pres/ VPres/ & Sec/Tres for the 2006 year.  All Clubs nominated Gary Keith President. Bruce Flesher V/P, and Karen Keith Sec/Tres.

Elections will be on the 17th of November at the Idaho State BASS Federation Meeting.



Meeting adjourned. 9:30

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