The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) meeting Minutes Thursday, October 15, 2009, 7:00pm.


            The TIBF September monthly meeting was brought to order 7:00pm., Western Marine, Nampa, Idaho.  Those in attendance were:  Bruce, Flesher, President; Tammy Shuyler, Secretary-Treasurer; Steve Jones-Conservation Director; Steve Day-Communications and SRBM; Tony Shuyler, IBM; Mike Tauscher-SRBV(via teleconference); Mike Ball-SRBM;  Bob Yelland-Panhandlers (via teleconference)


Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler

  • Treasurer Report
  • September meeting minutes approved.

Youth Report-John Lancaster

  • No Report

Conservation Report-Steve Jones

  • No Report

Communication Report-Steve Day

Tournament Report-Bruce Flesher

  • TIBF Qualifiers are done. 
  • State Team is comprised of following:  6 South, 3 East, 3 North.  Watch for State Team posting on TIBF website.
  • Divisional tournament will be held at Yellowtail Res., Hardin, Montana, May 30-June 4.  The reservoir is part of the Big Horn River System.  Extreme caution is advised if travelling in winter weather as access can be treacherous and possible road closure needs to be considered.
  • TBF Championship is scheduled for somewhere in Tennessee, April 14-15-16.

Old Business

  • Scales of Justice tournament again a success.  There were 44 boats and 48 youth who attended.
  • Castrol award will be awarded at the TIBF Annual Banquet in November.

New Business

  • Bruce advised there was a recent conference call between Western Presidents and Robert Cartilage to discuss new FLW contract.  TBF wants to become self-sufficient but in the interim still needs FLW.  It will be imperative membership renewals be registered online by individual clubs and payment received by TBF no later than December 31, 2009.  REEL Kids program will be sold or simply discontinued.  Sponsor changes are also underway as follows:  FLW will provide funds for Divisional Banquet; National Guard and Cabelas are expected to increase their commitment; Walmart (for FLW, limited for TBF), Castrol, Berkley and Evinrude are gone.  There is reportedly another retailer waiting in the wings to take over Walmart’s space.  FLW and TBF membership renewal dates will now align commencing with 2010 renewals and run Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. All FLW annual membership will be $35/year.   If a member chooses to accept an online magazine, then $17.50 will be rebated to TBF.
  • Motion made and approved by attending members to amend TIBF By-laws to read that all members must pay for FLW dues simultaneously with TIBF dues.  Bruce will provide written form at November meeting at which time club reps will take back to member clubs.  Final vote of new by-law will be completed at December meeting.  Member clubs should also consider amending their own club by-laws.
  • Qualifier changes effective for 2010 season as follows:  No more joint events; Two tournament weekends; All tournament fees to be paid in advance no later than the first qualifier boater meeting; Substitutes will have to draw.
  • Major Idaho tournament scheduling meeting will be held November 5, 2009, at Campbell Tractor, Nampa, 7:00pm.  A banquet planning only meeting will be scheduled for same date prior to tournament scheduling meeting.  Details will be announced by Bruce Flesher.
  • Motion made and approved by membership for Steve Day to create business cards for all Board members and representatives after 2010 Elections in December.
  • 2010 Officer elections will be held at December meetings.  Member clubs need to discuss at respective club meetings, determine their nominations for President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer.  Those nominates then need to be delivered by club reps to November meeting. 
  • The November meeting time will be moved up to 4:30pm. November 21, prior to the banquet start.


2009 TIBF Banquet planning.  Date:  November 21, 2009

1)      Location:  Hilton Garden Inn-Spectrum, Boise, Idaho

2)      Hotel rooms will be discounted at $79/night.  When reserving rooms, mention The Idaho Bass Federation for discounted rate.

3)      Format will be sit down dinner.

4)      Dinner menu:  2 items-Prime Rib with Baked potatoes and Citrus Peppered Chicken with green salad, red potatoes, green beans.

5)      Ticket cost:  Individual $70 which will include State/National TBF Dues, dinner, 1 big item raffle ticket, 20 regular raffle tickets.  Couple $100 which will include state/National TBF Dues, dinner, 1 big item raffle ticket, 20 regular raffle tickets. Banquet tickets will be two (2) colors to differientate from meals only and dues included.  Tickets are available from club members, Western Marine, Tri-State Marine, Dry Creek Outfitters, Howards Tackle Shoppe, American Classifieds. When tickets are sold, seller to retain ticket stub and give purchaser the main body of ticket.  Ticket sellers to fill in blanks of their retained stub. Final date to sell tickets November 17.  All ticket sellers must notify Bruce November 18 of dinners sold including # of chicken and prime rib dinners.  TIBF member banquet attendees will be asked to pay their  FLW dues of $35 as a result of recent TBF renewal changes and simultaneous online registration.

6)      Raffle tickets can be purchased separately and at the banquet.  Major raffle prize ticket cost is $10 and need not be present to win.  Regular raffle tickets will be $1/each or $5/6 tickets and can be purchased at the banquet and will need to be present to win.

7)      Posters have been printed are currently being disbursed to various locations for posting.  Poster is also published on TIBF website

8)      Powerpoint Presentation:  Steve Day is assembling the presentation.  Please submit photos to him via email at  

9)      Credit card charging at banquet is being explored by Tammy Shuyler.  There is a cost involved which needs to be weighed verses convenience for members.

10)  A raffle, (12) silent auctions and a live auction will be held.  MORE RAFFLE AND AUCTION ITEMS NEEDED.  PLEASE REMEMBER THE LADIES AND NON-FISHING GUESTS  IN YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS AND DONATIONS.  Campbell Tractor, Nampa, is sponsoring the major $10 raffle item which is a $400 Traeger BBQ gift certificate.  Window Welder has donated a 17 Cal. Savage Blue Barrel Shotgun valued at $300.  Stock will be embossed with TIBF Logo. The gun will be an auction item.   Kelly Lee has announced he will donate a set of tires through his business.  IBM has donated $250 for purchase of raffle/auction items.  MVB, Mini-Cassia and IBH have each donated $125 for purchase of raffle/auction items.   Raffle and auction items are accumulating which will be stored with Bruce Flesher.  Be sure to include retail value of item and sponsor name for recognition and follow up.   Bruce has drafted a letter which can be utilized by membership in soliciting donations and sponsors.  It  is uploaded to TIBF website. Tammy will make the TIN# available for donation receipts.  Banquet sponsor with minimum $500 cash or merchandise donation will receive recognition. Recognition will be in the form of 1)  Banquet poster 2) TIBF website for 1 year 3) Banner displayed at TIBF Banquet 4) Recognized at the banquet.

11)  Dinner only comp tickets will be made available to following business:  (2)  Idaho Fish and Game; (2) Western Marine; (2) Howard’s Tackle; (2) Tri-State marine

12)  Schedule:  Gary Dobyns Seminar will be held at Western Marine on Saturday.  4:30pm. Regular TIBF meeting at motel pre-banquet start; 4:30pm. Youth Meeting with Mark Gintert at Western Marine;  Banquet will start at 5:00pm. with No host Bar; 6:00pm.-6:20pm. Guest Speaker; 6:30pm. State Team and Castrol Awards; Following awards, dinner will begin approximately 7:00pm.  There will be a powerpoint presentation during dinner.  7:15pm. General Raffle will begin during dinner.

13)   Each TIBF member club is asked to provide one (member) as a raffle runner during raffle event.

14)  Banquet Guest Speakers-Gary Dobyns and Mark Gintert, TBF Youth Director.


Meeting adjourned 9:05pm.



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