The regular membership of the Idaho State B.A.S.S. Federation was called to order by President Allan Chandler at 7:30 P.M. at the Tri State Marine.There were 10 officers, representatives and guests present.


The minutes of August 2001 were approved as written.


TREASURY REPORT: The Treasurer reported a balance of $8702.41 of which $0 is Conservation ; $2811.40 in the Lake Lowell fund, $105.64 Youth; $5396.00 State Team and $3704.13 in Operating Funds. Treasury report was approved.






YOUTH: Youth Director LARRY RAGANIT was not present and did not report.

®        Garden City Day went pretty well; only three Federation members showed up to help out and they ran at least 2000 kids through the casting pond.There were also lawn mower races, a car show, and more.

®        The Eastern Region is going to have a C.A.S.T. event of its own next year.It will be July 27 at Lake Walcott.


CONSERVATION: Conservation Officer STEVE SPICKELMIER was not present and did not report.

®        No work yet from USDFW about tournaments at Lake Lowell. Allan proposed that we use the Lake Lowell money somewhere else if we can get Ben Freelandís approval.A fishing dock at Woodhead Ramp was suggested.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director J.C. WORTHEN was not present and did not report.

®        Allan mentioned that the Owyhee County Sheriff thanked us for following the 45 mph speed limit through the Bruneau Narrows at CJ Strike.He said that numerous people noticed that we were driving slower in the Narrows and commented positively to the Sheriff.


COMMUNICATION: Communication Officer JAMES RAITTER was not present and did not report.

®        The newsletter still needs articles.Allan will try to see that it gets to the printer by the end of next week.



®        We still need to sign contracts with the new B.A.S.S. Federation sponsors.

®        The Federation Banquet will be Jan. 19 at the Elks in Caldwell, Idaho. Menu and prices look similar to last year.



®        The tournament date setting meeting for 2002 will be at 7:00 pm at Tri State Marine in Nampa.

®        Itís looking like the new State Team will be fairly evenly spread among the three regions in Idaho.

®        Snow Bowl is Nov. 3 at CJ Strike.Entry fee is $300 per team plus a big fish option of $10 per boat.

®        Allan commented that the Conservation and Youth Officers are appointed positions.Steve Spickelmier and Larry Raganit have been in these positions for numerous years; anyone out there that is interested in either of these positions needs to step forward so that the new president can review everyone before making the appointments.Another thing to consider is that both of these positions feature a trip back East to either the Nationals or the Classic.


There being no more new business, President Chandler reminded all that the next meeting would be on Oct. 18.The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.




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