SEPTEMBER 18, 2003.



J.C Opened, motion made approved the minutes from the August 21 meeting approved and passed.

J.C welcomed all of the people attending and thanked Scyler for the arrangements he and Jeannie made for this meeting. 





Alan sent the treasure report, some discussion was made regards the memorial fund still money coming in.  The purpose of this memorial fund is for the youth of the Idaho BASS federation.  As part of new business and treasure report from the northern federation will be sending their money for all of their tournaments at one time.

Motion was made to accept the report.  ACCEPTED approved and passed.




Youth report from Scyler.  Western divisional youth tournaments.  Main idea is at this time is to get QUALIFIER Tournament for the youth; this could be boat or bank.

Western states are working to get this going.  Sponsorship is already in the works.  IBM is trying to put a group together. We need a tournament prior to May 2004 for a state qualifier.

Utah is ready to bring a team to Milner to fish against Idaho team.

Age groups for the team are 11-14, and 15-17.


A Mentor program is getting set up for the youth.  Boater can give advice to help the youth.

Draw for boat, the federation for the youth will be structured like the adult federation.

Cast for kids has been a big success in the South and the East, Scyler wants to thank everyone who helped.



We now have a new Conservation Director, Mike Lemke.

He will be a great help to the board because of the various titles he has had in BASS.

We welcome him and appreciate his contribution to the state federation.

Mike's email and phone #.  363-9485



JC announced that the south had their qualifier last weekend the east will have theirs this weekend.  JC handed out the sheet with percentages at this point the count will be 3, 3, and 6. The south will have the alternate this year.



The newsletter is out the next one will be coming together December. 

Steve will need more information from all clubs.

The federation will need a new web site; the free ones were discussed but basically need to pay for it and this would be more beneficial to the federation.  There will be enough to let the other clubs put their information on it also.

$8.95 a month, pays for it by the year. 

Federation would pay for it for five years.  This would be available to all the clubs.

Motion made to accept the small business package the cost of $300 for the five-year plan.

With the

It was discussed that we try to have the URL (website address)

Accepted unanimously.




Jan 24 is the federation banquet at Elks.


Retired person-fishing club tournaments are still in the planning stage.



Don Corkran is rehired as new federation direction.


November 6th is the scheduling for the up and coming tournaments especially the open tournaments.  All of the clubs should have a representative to this meeting.  JC will get a meeting room for this scheduling process this year.  We will have computers screens projectors so that everything will be easier accessed for the scheduling...

Let clubs know that the clubs need to get their opens in order.


Tournaments need to be more piggy-backed the permits on the various waters for the tournaments this will be more accepted by the Fish and Game.  As a Federation we need to work TOGETHER.  Get an average from the various clubs on number of boats to figure how many should be limited on the water. 



October is the month for the nominating the state federation officers.  Let clubs know.



Meeting adjourned. 

9:03 p.m.