September 15, 2005


President Gary Keith called the regular membership of the Idaho State BASS Federation to order at 7:45 at Tri State Marine.  The minutes from the August 2005 meeting were read and passed.  


TREASURE REPORT:      Karen read treasure report and they passed.  Also Karen made a suggestion that the year end qualifier money from the region be turned into the state for them to do their calculations for winners travel.




YOUTH REPORT:  Scyler reported that we need help with upcoming Jr. Bass master tournament this weekend at C.J.  Please try to contact him so we have enough boaters, and observers.  CAST will be on November 12 in Boise and we will have a location by the meeting.  



CONSERVATION REPORT:   Continued discussion on the report of repair of release boat that will take place over the winter, metal has been purchased when season is finished boat will be brought to Jerome so the major work can begin.  F & Game are still considering on getting a new motor and parts to fix that portion of the boat. Careful when the scheduling of tournaments next year be a little more cautious scheduling Milner there were to many tournaments last year.   


TOURNAMENT REPORT:  Bruce reported that the East and South qualifiers are coming up this weekend and BBQ that will follow.  And help if possible on Saturday for the Jr. State Master tournament.


COMMUNICATION REPORT:  Bruce introduced Matt Rivera; Matt is interested in working with us to do newsletters.


OLD BUSINESS:  2005 report from the Classic.

                                 2006 divisionals


NEW BUSINESS:     The shirts to be considered for 2006 state

Teams were shown.  Voted to go ahead get them ordered and ready for the November banquet.


2006 Divisional matrix handed out to begin our preparation for the big event.


Reminder to go to the club meetings and informing them of up and coming nomination of officers for 2006 at the October meeting and voting on the Nov meeting.



Adjourn 9:20

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