The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) meeting Minutes Thursday, September 17, 2009, 7:05pm.


            The TIBF September monthly meeting was brought to order 7:05pm., Western Marine, Nampa, Idaho.  Those in attendance were:  Bruce, Flesher, President; John Lancaster, Vice-President-MVBM; Tammy Shuyler, Secretary-Treasurer;  Steve Jones-Conservation Director; Steve Day-Communications and SRBM; Tony Shuyler, IBM;  Don Sechler, Walleye Unlimited;  Mike Tauscher(via teleconference), SRVB; Mike Balls-SRBM; Jared Spickelmier, IBA

July 16, 2009, TIBF minutes approved.


Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler

  • Treasurer Report reviewed and approved.

Youth Report-John Lancaster

  • REEL Kids-Proposed event locations:  Cabelas, Nov. 21 (same weekend as TIBF Banquet)
  • TIBF will order 12 kits total for 2010.  Event organizers will need to ensure event reporting results including total public count in addition to youth participation numbers.
  • Reminder:  For any TIBF events, there are 3 TIBF banners available for use.
  • Dry Creek Outfitters flew Zach Messer out for the Dry Creek Open tournament weekend.  Zach is the current TBF World Champion and Anthony is former Idaho Champion.  There were 55 boats in tournament with 37 paid places. Zach and Anthony fished together and placed 34th.

Conservation Report-Steve Jones

  • CJ Strike structure plant planning is underway.  Details to follow.
  • Walleye Unlimited are planning a structure plant at Salmon Falls Res.  They will also be repairing the ramp.
  • Spring Camp rebuild has been stalled.  No details regarding the stoppage.

Communication Report-Steve Day

Tournament Report-Bruce Flesher

  • Final South and East Qualifier set for CJ Strike next weekend.
  • All North qualifiers are done.
  • State Team will be chosen with conclusion of South and East Qualifier.
  • Apparel budget is $84.00 per angler.  $5.00 of individual fee per tournament goes into apparel fund.  $5.00 of individual fee goes to Divisional Champion/Co-Champion

Old Business

  • Scales of Justice-September 27.  There are 37 boats and 55 youth.  Additional boaters are needed.  Application can be downloaded off TIBF website
  • Castrol award-This award is sponsored by Castrol and is a $100 Walmart gift card.  Three nominees and nominations now closed.  Final recipient will be chosen by TIBF Board with the recipient to be awarded at the TIBF Banquet.

New Business

  • John Lancaster advises TIBF is the recipient of $1000 grant from Lowrance/Berkley as a result of Zach Messer, an Idaho Youth Angler, winning the World Championship. The monies will be split 50/50 allocated to Youth Account and 2009 TIBF Banquet.
  • TIBF Qualifier format change discussion.    The following will be implemented or futher discussed:  1) No more joint events (east/south will not fish together) 2)  TBD-Payment in full of $220 prior to first tournament 3)  TBD-Go to two weekend format (4 tournaments total) 4)  TBD- East will be run out of Magic Valley if minimum of 10 Anglers participate from Magic Valley; 4)  TBD-Statewide Championship comprised of 4 qualifier tournaments.  (TBD: to be determined)
  • National TBF sponsorship update:  Lowrance sponsorship-Bruce signed contract with Lowrance in March this year.  Benefits are free package of promo items plus some cash. We will need to contact Robert Cartilage for update.  Hummingbird-They have now contacted TBF requesting they be allowed to sponsor TBF exclusively (Lowrance would be discontinued as a sponsor).  Their benefits would be:  6 serialized purchases at cost; 24 caps; $1500 in free retail merchandise to be used at State President discretion.  Sponsorship discussion:  Bruce advised we are having problems with Lowrance.  A Motion was made and approved by those present to pursue Hummingbird contract.  Lowrance will remain exclusive sponsor through end of 2009. 


2009 TIBF Banquet planning.  Event Date:  November 21, 2009

1)      Location:  Hilton Garden Inn-Spectrum, Boise, Idaho

2)      Hotel rooms will be discounted at $79/night.

3)      Format will be sit down dinner.

4)      Dinner menu:  2 items-Prime Rib Update: with Baked potatoes and Citrus Peppered Chicken with green salad, red potatoes, green beans.

5)      Ticket cost:  Individual $70 which will include State/National TBF Dues, dinner, 1 big item raffle ticket, 20 regular raffle tickets.  Couple $100 which will include state/National TBF Dues, dinner, 1 big item raffle ticket, 20 regular raffle tickets. Update:  Banquet tickets will be two (2) colors to differientate from meals only and dues included.  Tickets are available from club members, Western Marine, Tri-State Marine, Dry Creek Outfitters, Howards Tackle Shoppe, American Classifieds. When tickets are sold, seller to retain ticket stub and give purchaser the main body of ticket.  Ticket sellers to fill in blanks of their retained stub. Final date to sell tickets:  November 17.  All ticket sellers must notify Bruce November 18 of dinners sold including # of chicken and prime rib dinners. 

6)      Raffle tickets can be purchased separately.  Those will cost $10 and will not need be present to win.  Update:  Regular raffle tickets will be $1/each or $5/6 tickets and can be purchased at the banquet and will need to be present to win.

7)      Posters:  Update: Steve Day to finalize poster design and arrange for printing and disbursal to locations for posting.

8)      Update:  Powerpoint Presentation:  Steve Day is assembling the presentation.  Please submit photos to him via email at

9)      There will be both a Silent Auction and Live Auction.

10)   Update:  Credit usage is being explored by Tammy to allow credit card charges during the banquet.

11)  Auction and raffle items update:   Update:  Campbell Tractor donated a $400 gift certificate for purchase of Traeger BBQ which will be the Major raffle prize.  Window Welder has donated a 17 Cal. Savage Blue Barrel Shotgun valued at $300.  Stock will be embossed with TIBF Logo. Kelly Lee has announced he will donate a set of tires through his business.  The need remains for large and small raffle and auction items.  Additional suggestions were Tracker Boat, Cruise, Gun Safe.  Raffle and auction items are accumulating which will be stored with Bruce Flesher.  Be sure to include retail value of item and sponsor name when donated for recognition and follow up.   Bruce has drafted a letter which be utilized by membership in soliciting donations and sponsors.  It will be uploaded to TIBF website. Tammy will make the TIN# available for donation receipts.  Regular raffle item suggestions:  All kinds of retail services and merchandise.  Don’t forget the Ladies as well as non-bass fishing guests.  Banquet sponsor with minimum $500 cash or merchandise donation will receive recognition. Recognition will be in the form of 1)  Banquet poster 2) TIBF website for 1 year 3) Banner displayed at TIBF Banquet 4) Recognized at the banquet.

12)  Dinner only comp tickets will be made available to following business:  (2)  Idaho Fish and Game; (2) Western Marine; (2) Howard’s Tackle; (2) Tri-State marine

13)  Schedule:  Late morning start for pre-banquet activities.  Pre-banquet seminars/activities will be held respectively at Tri-State Marine and Western Marine.  Update:  4:30pm. Youth Meeting with Mark Gintert at Western Marine;  Banquet will start at 5:00pm. with No host Bar; 6:00pm.-6:20pm. Guest Speaker; 6:30pm. State Team and Castrol Awards; Following awards, dinner will begin approximately 7:00pm.  There will be a powerpoint presentation during dinner.  7:15pm. General Raffle will begin during dinner.

14)   Each TIBF member club is asked to provide one (member) as a raffle runner during raffle event.

15)  Guest Speakers-Gary Dobyns and Mark Gintert, TBF Youth Director.


Meeting adjourned 9:00pm.



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