ISCAC Information

The Idaho Bass Federation is a member of ISCAC: the Idaho Sportsman's Caucus Advisory Council. The councils monitors legislative events in Idaho, advises the legislature on outdoor related bills and issues position statement papers or alerts when outdoor bills are introduced that affect outdoors people or groups. Most of the legislative bills do not affect bass anglers, but we need to support other groups in the outdoors community; when a bill that affects us does come up, we will need their support!!


ISCAC Mission Statement

To protect and improve Idaho’s wildlife heritage of hunting, fishing, and trapping, for present and future generations by:

  1. Providing an organization where Idaho’s sportsmen’s organizations can come together to seek consensus on issues important to sportsmen.
  2. Providing education to the Idaho sportsmen’s organizations, the Idaho Legislature and other governmental entities on sportsmen’s issues.
  3. Being an information resource to the Legislature and other governmental entities on issues, legislation and rules affecting Idaho’s wildlife heritage of hunting, fishing and trapping.

Track various 2014 outdoor related bills through the legislature: IDFG Legislative update page

ISCAC Website:

ISCAC Website: ISCAC Facebook Page

Idaho Sportsman's Connection Website:


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