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The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) meeting Minutes Thursday, January 21, 2010, 7:05pm.


            The TIBF January monthly meeting was brought to order 7:05pm., at Western Marine, Nampa, Idaho. Those in attendance were:  Bruce Flesher, President; Tammy Shuyler, Secretary-Treasurer; Steve Jones-Conservation Director; Steve Day-Communications and SRBM; Jared Spickelmier-IBA; Bill Kriner-SRBM; Tom Horrace-SRBM and by phone, John Lancaster, Vice-President-MVBM; Larry Burton-IBH; Kurt Campbell, Walleye Unlimited; and Dave Keever, Mini-Cassia/IBH


Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler

  • Treasurer Report
  • December meeting minutes approved.
  • Club renewal dues need to be paid now if not already done.
  • Tammy will be contacting respective clubs for $35 FLW dues payment of banquet attendees.

Youth Report-John Lancaster

  • TIBF Youth Championship moved from Brownlee/Woodhead to Brownlee/Spring Rec.

Conservation Report-Steve Jones

  • Steve Jones will continue to develop and plan structure plant program. He needs additional info including Cascade Res. map, photos and dates to present in his proposal to Bureau of Rec.  Tammy to submit photo of structures built by Tony Shuyler, et al.  Three maps need to be ordered which Tammy agreed to do with website info provided by John Lancaster. A work date for structure construction is March 13, 2010.  This structure plant will be completed with collaboration by IBFN.  More details to follow in next month.
  • Funding of conservation projects discussed.  Motion made and approved.  $1,000 will be set aside for Cascade and $500 for Salmon Falls.
  • Avimor structure plant will be further reviewed.  John Lancaster will contact them to discuss potential problems with pumps in pond.

Communication Report-Steve Day

  • Steve will update main website schedule with Youth Championship location change.

Tournament Report-Bruce Flesher

  • Tournament permits applications have been submitted to F&G and Sheriff offices.
  • The East Qualifier location will need to be amended. Details to follow.

Old Business

  •  Bruce reminds member clubs with new by-law change in place, the $35 FLW dues now also need to be paid simultaneously with State and National TBF dues.

New Business

  • Bruce has 10-$100 Evinrude gift certificates available.  Two were given to IBM for IBM Open and Jack N Jill and one given to SRB for their Hot Summer Nights tourney.  There is also $500 in oil.  The remaining certificates will be doled out to respective member clubs to use in Opens or other TBF events with remaining to be used at 2010 Banquet.
  • ISCAC Meeting-Bruce emphasizes continued individual involvement in ISCAC.  TIBF is a member.  ISCAC members are encouraged to contact Idaho Legislative members on all issues and to sign up for the email blasts from ISCAC.  ISCAC guarantees email recipient will not be spammed, no junk mail or hit by any unsolicited emails.  TBF members are welcome to attend ISCAC meetings held 1x monthly at IDF&G Trophy Room 9am-Noon. Go to www.ISCAC.org for further information. 
  • 2010 TIBF Banquet-Bruce advises that technically Twin Falls should be this years choice of banquet location.  However, due to extensive time and manpower commitment, there is a concern about having banquet in Twin Falls verses Boise.  Bruce asks that Twin Falls area clubs discuss this at next club meeting to determine if they wish to have banquet in Twin Falls and can commit the time and manpower to support or if it should remain in Boise for 2010.  All in attendance agreed that 2009 Banquet was a success.  Location will be firmed up at next TIBF meeting in February.
  • Bruce advises that the Presidents and Conservations meeting will be April 21-25 in Knoxville, TN, during Nationals.  Bruce  and Steve Jones will be attending but official invite has not been received yet but expected.  TIBF will be asked to support their travel expense each consisting of roundtrip airfare.  Airfare is currently at $638 per person.  Tabled to next meeting.
  • Jared Spickelmier discussed the college fishing and participation.  John Lancaster asked if there was anything that TIBF could do to support and encourage participation by college students.  Any ideas to support college fishing program are encouraged.

Meeting adjourned 8:50pm.



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