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The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) meeting Minutes Thursday, July 19, 2012, 7:00pm.


            The TIBF July monthly meeting was brought to order 7:00 p.m. at J&H Sales and Marine(office), Nampa, Idaho. Those in attendance were:  Bruce Flesher, President; Steve Day-Communications; Steve Jones-Conservation Director; Tammy Shuyler-Secretary/Treasurer; Mark Roberts-Idaho Bass Anglers; Tom Horrace-Snake River Bassmasters; Scyler Hill-Magic Valley Bassmasters;  Davahn Sensourghino-Idaho Bassmasters; Phone-Larry Burton-Idaho Basshunters and Chad Kaiser-Idaho Panhandlers. Two guests-Larry Luper and Chuck Caba

(each attendee receives drawing ticket)


Secretary-Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler

  • Minutes approved
  • Treasurer Report covered
  • As of July 19, TIBF has 253 members.
  • Tammy purchased the Max EX Conference Phone for a cost of $291.52.
  • Tammy collected $125 for five shirts.

Youth Report-Brian Ashton(Bruce reported on behalf of Brian)

  • TIBF Youth Championship August 5 on Cascade Reservoir last minute planning ongoing. Brian still needs to confirm the boater volunteers who will be paid $50/each for offsetting costs of volunteering.  Chad advised there are four youth participating from the North Division.
  • Cabelas update-Bruce advised he had two youth visit his booth and otherwise minimal visitors.
  • Discussion again introduced to consider extending deadline closer to event date for the TIBF Youth Championship for increasing youth participation.

Conservation Report-Steve Jones

  • Lake Lowell CCCP planning meeting will be held in 30-45 days for TIBF members and Lake Lowell planners.  A location is tentatively set for Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge Center.
  • Lowrance Book-Steve Jones is seeking photos accompanied by bullet point summaries.  Deadline is Spring, 2013.
  • Chad Kaiser and Bruce will determine what banners they currently have for the North events.  Bruce will see that North receives additional sponsor banners as needed.

Communication Report-Steve Day

  • Soldier Appreciation website under construction.
  • Steve is now working on Magic Valley Bassmaster website.
  • Steve still needs Idaho Basshunters information to complete their website.
  • Sponsor plaques now complete and Steve will mail to the sponsors.
  • Steve Day is offering to TIBF member clubs to create and maintain club websites. Annual cost $100.  
  • Members can go to TIBF website http://www.idahobassfed.com for all updates and information.
  • TIBF members have free ad space available on website.  

Tournament Report-Bruce Flesher

  • All TIBF Divisions have completed two qualifiers each.   The numbers are as follows:  North-19; East-9; South;34
  • North needs to submit results to Steve Day to update website.
  • South Qualifier scheduled for Lake Lowell is having a problem with low non-boater turnout.  Currently five boats without non-boater.

Old Business

  • Board Members jersey update- Brad Perkins of Dry Creek Outfitters delivered the shirts to Bruce.  Bruce will have the TIBF logo printed on each shirt at Bulldog to be paid by TIBF.  Cost to each member for a shirt will be $25. 
  • 2013 TIBF Officers-Bruce is encouraging Idaho members to think about future officer elections. Interested individuals should plan to attend a couple of the board meetings to get a feel for what transpires during the meetings. It was proposed by the attendees that an operating guideline/agreement be established for future elected officials to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible. 
  • TIBF monthly meeting location will remain at J&H Sales and Marine’s office for now until further notice.

New Business

  • Bruce reported that the Walleye membership will remain inactive for 2012.  He believes they will reorganize for 2013.
  • Cabela's invitation-Fall Great Outdoor Event set for August 18-19 and 25-26.  Bruce is recruiting volunteers and appears TIBF will be represented at this event for the weekend of August 19.  Volunteers are eligible for Cabela's employee discount.  Cabela's will provide booth no charge.  Mark Roberts, Steve Jones, Davahn will volunteer for August 19.  August 18 is CAST at Black Canyon so no attendance on the 18th.  Bruce will provide a Championship DVD and TIBF Banner Flags for the booth setup.
  • It was announced that National Guard will remain a sponsor of TBF after congressional vote.
  • Idaho Wildlife Summit Invitation-The event is scheduled for August 24-25-26.  IDFG is seeking statewide attendance of the event located at the Riverside Hotel in Boise.  Interested groups and individuals can attend in person or participate remotely at satellite locations throughout the State.  TIBF will have representatives attend preferably during the entire event.  Bruce will followup with membership. Anyone interested in attending needs to register online.  Tammy and Steve Day will see that information is dispersed on the website and via email. 
  • Teleconference phone feedback-Both Larry and Chad advised the new phone greatly enhanced the meeting experience allowing them to participate fully in both listening and speaking. 

 Meeting adjourned 8:15 p.m.

Submitted by Tammy Shuyler

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