The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF)
July Meeting Minutes

The TIBF monthly meeting was brought to order 7:00pm., July 21, 2016, at Canyon Marine, Nampa, Idaho.

Meeting attendance: Those in attendance were: Tammy Shuyler, Chris Tucker, Bobbie Littlefield, Shonie Jarvis, Eddie Garcia, Jason Fuller, Steve Day, Scyler Hill, William Kriner, Scott Lepka, Steve Spear, James Brandt, John Burrow, Tony Shuyler, Travis Jarvis and Russ Littlefield

Secretary-Treasurer Report -Bobbie Littlefield
    • Minutes.
    • Bank Account Balances: Qualifier account $8,857.54, General account $7,514.49, Youth $2,400.33, Total $18,782.36
    • 326 members which is increase of 3 members since last month.

Youth Report-Brian Ashton not present, Tammy reported
    • Tammy reported that July tournament postponed due to inclement weather until August 21. If Lake Lowell doesn’t have enough water, Brian suggested having it at CJ Strike. We are able to transfer Lake Lowell permits to new date. Boater volunteers are needed for August 21st.
    • Ben Warren has been offered the youth director position to take over for Brian for next year. Ben is still thinking about this opportunity.
    • High school championships were held June 26. Results and photos pending on Idaho TBF sites and National website.

Conservation Report -Jason Fuller
    • Jason spoke with Fish and Game regarding Lake Lowell and doing a transplant of crappie or perch the officer didn’t think anything will work.
    • He also spoke with them about the Black Sands ramp. He suggested putting in an informational sign at the ramp to educate the public. He will research cost to construct and provide proposal to Board.
    • Jason stated he is having a very difficult time making it to the monthly meetings and would like to step down immediately if a replacement is available now. Hearts in it but doesn’t have enough time to give it his all!

Communication Report -Steve Day
    • Power Pole rebate information is on the website.
    • We need to delete the old Federation Facebook page. Tammy advised it had been deleted through normal channels. Will contact FB for their help to permanently delete.
    • Thanks for keeping the website updated!
    •  Steve Day is offering to TIBF member clubs to create and maintain club websites. Annual cost $100. Steve will be sending out his annual invoices for his services.
    •  Members can go to TIBF website for all updates and information.
    •  TIBF members have free ad space available on website.

Tournament Report -Eddie Garcia
    • Next qualifiers at Brownlee Aug. 27-28- Steve Spear will bring IBM trailer
    • A separate Big Fish option pot between co-anglers and boater will be available
    • Tammy will be order weigh slips
    • Shonie will bring a receipt book
    • Steve Day- Snake River Youth Open is Saturday July 23 and Ladies Bass Open on Sunday July 24. Eddie offered the National Anthem.

Old Business:
    • Scott Lepka- Military tournament had 11 boats and 22 Military personel participate. Recommends an earlier deadline next year at least two weeks for recruiting military fisherman. Look at the dates for next year to make it work better for other boaters and maybe schedule it on Saturday so we don’t have overlap on the weekend. It was suggested that open it be open to all active duty military. T-shirts were generic so we can use left over for next year. Black Sands donated 3 gift cards for the boater winners.
    • Lowrance, Minnkota and Humminbird requirements were met by the July 1 deadline
    • There is another video due by December 31 for Lowrance. There are 3 prizes awarded for 1st thru 3rd and a $50 gift card just for submitting it. Let’s get somebody on it.
    • What happened with the Toyota sponsorship? Tammy will look into it!
    • Semi-Finals- the way it is set up right now we could take one non boater and one boater. Tammy has asked Robert if we have 50 boat why would we send 2 boaters to have a fish-off?
       o Tony Shuyler, Non-Boater, and Ben Warren, Boater, qualified thru Divisionals.
    • How are we going to divvy up the National travel monies collected from Qualifier fees?
       o Robust conversation about how National qualifiers should receive money and if club qualifiers should also be eligible for TIBF money from paid Qualifier fees.
       o Eddie will draft a summary of the discussion and a decision will be made at August meeting.
    • Eddie asked if we are going to have a banquet for the Divisional team before the semi-finals? Tammy thinks we can do a good job acknowledging our team at the Annual banquet. Maybe we can do a hoodie or jacket for top finishing Semi-Final (Divisional) Boater/Non-Boater.
    • 2016 Semi-final Championship Dworshak Res. Oct. 8-9- Idaho is host State for the Semi-Final tournament this year. Montana President and Tournament Director will attend and assist with weigh-in, etc. Location has been moved from Dent Acres to Big Eddy. Tammy is finalizing logistics for the tournament location in Orofino including lodging locations etc. Additional details will be posted asap. Reservations for lodging including motel and campground will need to be done quickly.

New Business:
    • Tammy will be attending the Presidents meeting in Alabama Aug 4-7
    • Next meeting August 18, 2016, 7pm. Canyon Marine, Nampa.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm
Submitted by Shonie Jarvis

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