The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF)
July TIBF Meeting Minutes

TIBF Meeting Minutes
Thursday July 19, 2018
Canyon Marine Nampa

Attendance- Tammy Shuyler, Steve Day, Tarry Gibson, Chuck Caba, Scott Lepka, James Brandt

Treasurer Report- Tammy Shuyler
-General account-$10,1660, Qualifier account-$7935, Youth account-$1000; petty cash deposit of $300 pending.
-Weigh slip print reimbursed for $59.10.
-$500 travel allowance each going to Gage Warren and Blake Nesser
-Also ordering cups or plaques for the Military and TIBF Appreciation tournament tournaments,
-303 members

Youth report- Tammy Shuyler
-Gage Warren and Blake Nesser going to Junior World Championship, Hot Springs, Arkansas. August 9-11, 2018
-Awards being purchased for both 2018 and 2019 Jr Championships.

Conservation Report – Tammy Shuyler
-Tony and Tammy Shuyler have 28 structures they will donate to the structure plant.
-Need poly pipe and pots for structures, some mortar has been donated.

Communication Report- Steve Day
-Add Semi-Final flow chart and TIBF Open entry to website.
Steve's services are $100 a year to maintain websites.

Tournament Report – Tarry Gibson
Need to help new anglers with tournament / weigh-in process.
0Need help at Military and TIBF Appreciation tournaments.
-Need sponsors for TIBF Open winners: 1, 2 ,3 and 4 and BF; first out of money and ?
-TIBF clubs need to start getting their teams for the Semi-Final lined out and sent to Tammy.
-Clubs or Club Teams will pay towards sending the winners to nationals just like the Qualifier anglers.

Old Business:
-Still looking for a new (cheaper) banquet location.
-Tammy Shuyler and Chris Adams are going to Junior World Championship, Hot Springs, Arkansas. August 8-13

New Business:
-2018 ID-MT Semi-Final planning -Oct 6-7, 2018

Meeting adjourned8:15 p.m.
Next meeting Thursday August 16, 2018, 7:00 PM Canyon Marine
Minutes submitted by Steve Day

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