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The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) meeting Minutes Thursday, June 16, 2011, 7:10pm.


            The TIBF June monthly meeting was brought to order 7:10pm. at Western Marine, Nampa, Idaho. Those in attendance were:  Bruce Flesher, President; Tammy Shuyler, Secretary-Treasurer; Steve Day-Communications; Steve Jones-Conservation Director; Roger Sheltrown-SRBM; Brian Ashton-Youth Director/IBM; Via phone Larry Burton-Idaho Basshunters


Secretary-Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler

  • Treasurer Report
  • May meeting minutes approved.
  • Invoice payment approved:  TBF Wind Flags (two, doublesided) $665.48; Bruce Flesher-Office Supplies $133.13


Youth Report-Brian Ashton

  • Youth Championship May 21 at Cascade update:  Four youth participated.  David Ashton and Alex Schneidermann were top finishers in each age group respectively.
  • Youth Championship August 28 Cascade planning ongoing.
  • Youth travel expenses-Brian presented an invoice for $1226.43 for airfare and car rental expense for Nationals.  Board approved payment.


Conservation Report-Steve Jones

  • Lake Lowell-Deer Flat Refuge update:  A draft has been developed by members and concerned bass fisherman relative to the ongoing future comprehensive planning for Lake Lowell.  A second meeting is scheduled for July 23 to finalize the proposal.  Bruce advises excellent input by all who are participating. 
  • 1000 Boat Parade to Lake Lowell on Saturday, July 9.  Participants should meet at Karcher Mall 8am. to line up for drive out to Lake Lowell.  This parade will be comprised of all sportsman ie. Recreational, fishing, etc. who are concerned about the ongoing future planning of Lake Lowell. 
  • The TIBF July Meeting agenda will include guest speaker Susan Kain, dept. Fish & Wildlife representative.  Bruce is asking that all members attend to hear her views and discussion directly from Fish & Wildlife perspective. 


Communication Report-Steve Day

  • Steve Day is offering a service to TIBF member clubs to create and maintain club websites. Cost annually $100.  
  • Members can go to TIBF website http://www.idahobassfed.com for all updates and information.
  • TIBF members have free ad space available on website.


Tournament Report-Bruce Flesher

  • State Team members are contractually required to volunteer in a conservation or youth event.  This requirement is under review and will be revamped. Tabled for future update and discussion.
  • Qualifier update:  East has completed first two qualifier events with 4 boats.  South has completed two qualifiers with 23 boats in Owyhee tournament.  The North has seen big increase in participation and first two qualifiers are scheduled for July 18-19.  They currently have 24 anglers registered to participate.  
  • Ultimate Angler Event applications now available on TIBF website.


Old Business

  • 2012 Northwest Divisional planning-Mountain Home is location for 2012 NW Divisional tournament for some time in May, 2012.  Actual date is TBD. Tournament launch from the Air Base Ramp.   Bruce still working out costs and details for rooms. 
  • TIBF Facebook is now up and running.  Tammy advises set up per TBF direction but seems to be some difficulty updating and adding information.  She will work on administrative side to make more user friendly. 
  • Cabelas, Father’s Day June 19 weekend event update:   Bruce will man this even with help of Steve Jones and Don Boeger.  


New Business


  • State Team Alternate:  Bruce is suggesting that an alternate, 13th person, be brought back into team format.  Funding 13th member will need to be considered.  Tabled for further research and discussion at August meeting.
  • President Expenses:  Bruce advises there are multiple office expenses associated with this position.  He suggests that this position be allocated an office expense budget.  There was discussion and it was recommended he identify and provide Board his actual annual expenses.  Tabled for August meeting.
  • TIBF By-laws Update:  The by-laws were reviewed with recommended changes.  Board recommended additional changes to be made.  These revised changes need to be read at next July club meetings for discussion, approval and representatives need to report back to the Board with club response.  These will not be read at July TIBF meeting.  August meeting the by-laws will be read and adopted.  Or, if additional changes recommended, they will then be read in September and adopted if all members approve.
  • TIBF weigh scales:  Bruce has suggested that the TIBF purchase own set of scales.  One brand of scale proposed with a cost of upwards $2,000.  This is a system that quickly reads weight, prints weigh slip at time of weigh-in.  Item tabled for further research and will be discussed at August meeting.  In the meantime, at any future weigh-ins, weigh slips will be used as a back up system for recording fisherman weights.


Meeting adjourned 9:45pm.

Submitted by Tammy Shuyler


The Idaho Bass Federation Proposed  BY-LAWS




Section 1:  Name


This organization shall be called The Idaho Bass Federation Inc.


Section 2:  Purpose


A.     To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport.


B.     To offer our state conservation department our organized moral and political support and encouragement.


C.     To promote full adherence to all conservation codes and to demand adequate water quality standards.


D.     To improve our skills as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of bass catching techniques and ideas.


E.      To promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this great recreation.


F.      To function as a dynamic and effective link between member chapters embracing the principles and purposes of The Bass Federation Inc.




Section 1:  Chapter Member


All Idaho bass club chapters in good standing with The Bass Federation Inc. are eligible for membership in The Idaho Bass Federation, Inc. and will be invited to actively participate.


All Idaho fishing clubs are eligible to join The Idaho Bass Federation, Inc.  All member clubs and their members must be current members of The Bass Federation, Inc.


Section 2:  Dues


The Board of Directors may establish a dues structure as a requirement to belong to The Idaho Bass Federation, Inc.


Section 3:  Requirements for Membership


To become a member chapter


A.     Have either applied for membership or be a member chapter in good standing with The Bass Federation, Inc.       (TBF)


B.     Provide by January 1st of each year a list of elected officers and member chapter representatives.


C.     Adhere to any dues schedule prescribed by The Idaho Bass Federation Board of Directors.


D.     Provide an annual report by October 31st of each year to the secretary of The Idaho Bass Federation, Inc. on the chapter’s conservation, fishing, legislative, youth and community activities.


E.      Delete this section or replace with something that makes sense.




Section 1: The Federation Board of Directors


The Idaho Bass Federation, Inc. Board of Directors shall consist of:


A.     One elected representative from each of the member chapters.


B.     The Federation President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer will constitute the Executive Board


Section 2: Term of Office


A.     Shall be for one (1) calendar year, beginning December1.  January 1.


B.     All Board of Director members may serve more than one consecutive term in the same office.


Section 3: Officers and Member Chapter Representative’s Duties


A.     President:

1.      To preside over all Federation meetings and direct all official business of the Federation


2.  To appoint from the Federation membership the following committee chairpersons:

a)      Conservation

b)      Tournament

c)      Youth Activities

d)      Public Relations

e)      Fish Exposition – what is this

f)       Communication

g)      Special committees as needed


B. Vice President:       

1.      Preside in the absence of the President and assist the President in his duties.


C.     Secretary:

1.      Maintain accurate minutes of all regular and special meetings as called by the President


2.      Maintain regular liaison between member chapters and the Federation


3.      To provide the minutes of previous Federation meetings to all chapter representatives.


4.      To provide an annual report of The Idaho Bass Federation, Inc. achievements to be submitted to the Board of Directors and to The Bass Federation, Inc.  Delete


D.     Treasurer:


1.      Collect and disburse all monies

2.      Maintain accurate records and present a current financial report at each regular meeting.

3.      Prepare an annual audit for review by the Federation Board of Directors by November 30 of each year.

3.   Prepare an audit for review by the Federation Board of Directors on request.


E.      Member Chapter Representative:


1.      To attend all regular and special meetings as called by the Federation President


2.      To provide accurate written minutes of all regular and special meetings to member chapters.


Section 4: Voting


A.     Each member of the Board of Directors, except the President (see B below) is entitled to one vote.


B.     The President will vote on in case of a tie.


C.     A simple majority vote by the Board of Directors is required for approval for general business.


D.     A 2/3-majority vote is required for an Idaho Bass Federation, Inc. by-law change.


E.      All votes for Federation officers shall be by secret ballot.


F.      All other votes shall be by roll call unless in the opinion of the President this particular vote, because of a sensitive nature should best be addressed by the secret ballot method.


Section 5: Vacancies


A.     In the event of a Federation office becoming vacant, nominations shall be asked for and an election held for the unexpired term of the individual vacating the office.


B.     When a member chapter’s representative to the Federation Board of Directors vacates their office, that member chapter shall elect a new representative to serve on the Board of Directors.




Section 1: Member Chapter Representatives to the Federation


A.     Must be a member in good standing of TBF.


B.     Must be a member of an active affiliated member chapter of The Idaho Bass Federation, Inc.


Section 2: Offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer


Must either have served one year on the Board of Directors or have actively participated in a major project of the Federation or otherwise demonstrated active interest in the efforts of the Federation.  A non-member related to a member may hold one of these offices.




Section 1: Nominations


Nominations for the Federation officers shall be accepted during the October meeting.


Section 2: Elections


Elections will be held at the regular November meeting.


Section 3: Voting


Voting shall be by a simple majority of the Board of Directors.  Every reasonable attempt will be made to insure that every member chapter places a vote.   Proxy votes in writing can be accepted.  Proxy votes may be made by teleconference if person making the vote has the written proxy in hand.


Section 4:  Attendance


A minimum 2/3 of the Board of Directors must be present.  Proxy votes would constitute a member being present.




Section 1: Federation Officers


A.     Any member of the Board of Directors who can show just cause why a current Federation Officer is not qualified to execute the duties of that office can ask the Board of Directors for that officer’s removal.


B.     A 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors will be required for removal.


      Section 2: Member Chapter Representative

      If the Board of Directors can show just cause why a member chapter representative should be removed, they may             request that the member chapter elect a new representative.




Section 1: Meeting Date

The Federation Board of Directors shall meet the third Thursday of each month.


Section 2: Open Meetings

The Federation meetings shall be open to all TBF chapter members and the public.


Section 3: Closed Meetings

The Federation meetings can be closed to the public at the discretion of the President.


Section 4: Quorum Policy

Fifty percent (50%) of the Federation Board of Directors must be present to constitute a quorum.  WHAAAAAT


Section 5: Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called as needed by the President with 48 hours prior notice, either written or verbal to the Board of Directors.




Section 1: Proposing Changes

Proposed changes to the by-laws may be present at any regular meeting of the Board of Directors.


Section 2: Voting on Proposed Changes

Proposed changes must be presented in writing to the Board of Directors at least one regular meeting prior and will be voted on at the next regular meeting.



Section 1: Outside Funding


Under no circumstances may The Idaho Bass Federation, Inc. accept monetary assistance from individuals, businesses, corporation, or government agencies if there is any evidence that the goals of these entities are contrary to the primary goals of The Idaho Bass Federation.




The purpose of the committees shall be to develop and submit to the Federation Board of Directors for their approval plans and recommendations on their activities at each regular meeting.




Section 1: Definition of Policies


A statement of rules and regulations governing the daily operation of The Idaho Bass Federation, Inc.


Section 2: Changes of Policies


Policies may be made or changed by a simple majority vote by the Board of Directors at any regular meeting of The Idaho Bass Federation, Inc.


Section 3: Maintaining Policies


The State Secretary shall maintain a current and accurate policy manual. 




Section 1: Member Clubs


A.    A youth club must be sponsored by an adult member chapter club.


B.     Each youth club will have an adult supervisor who is an active member of the adult member chapter club.  Each youth club supervisor will be responsible for creating activities for their club which may include but not be limited to, conservation projects, youth tournaments, picnics or other activities that the adult sponsor club deems worthy.


Section 2: Dues


A.     Each member of a youth chapter will be required to be a basic youth member of The Bass Federation, Inc. (TBF)


B.     Those youth members who desire to participate in Youth Championship Tournaments are required to be a Premium Youth member of The Bass Federation, Inc. (TBF).


C.     There will be no requirement for state youth dues.










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