The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF) Meeting Minutes Thursday, June 19, 2014, 7:00pm.

The TIBF June monthly meeting was brought to order 7:00p.m. June 19, 2014, at J/H Sales and Marine, Nampa, Idaho. Those in attendance were: Davanh Sengsourinho/President-Idaho Bassmasters; Scyler Hill/Vice President-Magic Valley Bassmasters; Tammy Shuyler-Idaho Bassmasters; Steve Day/Communications-Snake River Bassmasters; Bill Kriner-Snake River Bassmasters; Lionel Garza-Idaho Bassmasters, Steve Spear-Idaho Bassmasters.

    Secretary-Treasurer Report-Tammy Shuyler
    • Minutes approved and General Checking account balance reviewed.
    • 2014 TIBF/TBF/FLW Dues-TIBF member clubs are responsible for collection from individual members. Once collected, club secretary-treasurer will sign online at to create an invoice. For questions, please contact Tammy at 208-484-9278 or e-mail

    Youth Report-Brian Ashton -absent
    • Youth Championship set for August 10, 2014, on Cascade Reservoir. Youth Championship Rules/Application are on TIBF website. Youth won’t need to bring own boat but will be required to identify an observer.
    • High School Championship is set for June 29, 2014, at CJ Strike Reservoir. The Soldier Appreciation Tournament will occur simultaneously as the High School tournament.
    • Currently have 3-5 boats committed for Soldier tournament and will need 10 total for 20 Soldiers, 2 per boat. Both Tammy and Steve Day will spread word on FB and Website volunteers needed.
    • HS entrants bring their own boat. Amount of entries pending.
    • BBQ for Sunday’s participants and volunteers will be Saturday night, June 28.
    • The Albertsons Foundation may be a good source for recruiting high school and college fisherman.

    Conservation Report-Position vacant.
(interested Member sought to fill position) Davanh and Steve Reported.
    • Steve Day advises nothing new or any changes to report.

    Communication Report-Steve Day
    • See TIBF website for all Qualifier tournament schedules
    • Steve Day is offering to TIBF member clubs to create and maintain club websites. Annual cost $100.
    • Members can go to TIBF website for all updates and information.
    • TIBF members have free ad space available on website.

    Tournament Report-Davanh Sengsourinho
    • South is looking at moving the 3rd and 4th Qualifiers again due to Anglers comment about traveling to Walcott/Milner Reservoirs. Locations TBD with CJ Strike and Lake Lowell being considered for new locations.
    • Idaho won Flaming Gorge Divisionals in Wyoming. Team will receive $1200 which will be distributed to the team members less $500 which is being donated to Brad for the Dry Creek Open in September. Brian Ashton has team pictures and there are also pictures on TBF Facebook. Dry Creek baits performed well per the team. The lodging in Green River was very nice and accommodating for the team.
    • 2015 Divisionals will be in Montana. An effort will be made to avoid overlapping tournament dates with BFN.

    Old Business:
    • Motorbands-For future, the bands should be larger to accommodate the larger motor including making two sizes if needed.
    • Bill Kriner brought a hard case for the TIBF Teleconference phone. Worked perfect! Thank you Bill!

    New Business:
    • No New Business

Meeting adjourned 8:00pm.
Submitted by Tammy Shuyler

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