The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF)
March TIBF Meeting Minutes

Thursday March 16, 2017
Canyon Marine, Nampa Idaho

Attendance- Tammy Shuyler, Scott Lepka, Bobbie Littlefield, Eddie Garcia, Chris Tucker, Ryan Cullen, Steve Day, Chris Adams, Steve Spear, Terry Gibson, Bill Kriner, Via Tele-Conferance Tim Snyder

Officer change-
Vice President Scott Lepka. Thanks Scott!

Treasurer Report- Bobbie Littlefield
• General Account- $8024.36; Qualifier Account- $ 4228.13; Youth Account- $1222.16

Youth Report- Chris Adams
• High School events-May 6 amp; 7, 2017 -May 6-Saturday - IBN and May 7 -TBF, Black Sands Ramp
• Youth Events August 5 & 6, 2017 Lake Lowell-Caldwell Ramp

Conservation Report – Ryan Cullen
• TIBF ordered 5 Tags for the IDFG and U of I Bass tracking study of Brownlee Res and the rivers that feed into it. As of this time the tagging of fish is on hold in the reservoir due to low water levels. Ryan will update us when the project will continue.
• Discussion of future conservation projects included the possibility of building structures and or fish transfer projects.

Communication report- Steve Day
• All sponsor requirements up to date.

Tournament Report- Eddie Garcia
• First qualifier is Sunday March 26, at Brownlee Res Wood head ramp. Eddie will hold the meeting Saturday night at 6PM. Depending on the water level we may be able to use the release boat. Boaters and co-anglers may sign up at the ramp. Boater draw to follow.

2017 Annual Banquet
• Thank you to everyone who attended! We had a fun and successful evening.
•The Gun Raffle brought in a total of $3920.00 with the cost of guns being $1376.41 we made a total of $2543.59 for the TIBF travel fund. Thanks to every one who sold tickets.
•The Major raffle made $930, the live auction $1410.00, silent auction $1095.50, general raffle $1473.50. We sold 89 Banquet tickets for $3115.

2017 Budget Discussion
• Motion made and approved for funding as follows: Disbursement of travel funds to 2016 Divisional and Semi-Final Championship Anglers (4 total – 2 boaters, 2 co-anglers) for TBF National Championship April 3-8, 2017, $1200.00 for the Boaters and $600 for the co-anglers.
•High school qualifiers to receive $500.00.Youth to receive $1000.00.
•Yearly budget for conservation projects not to exceed $1000.00

Next Board Meeting- April 20, 2017 at 7 PM Canyon Marine Nampa (Note time change)
Meeting Adjourned 8:15
Minutes submitted by Bobbie Littlefield

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