The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF)
May Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2016, Thursday, 7pm., Canyon Marine, Nampa

Meeting attendance:  Tammy Shuyler-President, Shonie Jarvis-Secretary, Eddie Garcia-Tournament Director, James Brandt, Scott Lepka, Bobbie Littlefield-Secretary,  Russ Littlefield, Tony Shuyler, Travis Jarvis, Chris Tucker-Vice-President , Steve Day-Webmaster, John Burrow, Bill Kriner

Secretary-Treasurer ReportTreasurer report-Bobbie Littlefield
    •Qualifier balance- $8572.54, General account- $8366.33, Youth account- $2465.48
    •317 members as of today
    •11 Weigh bags were purchased to replace the old ones. We are still waiting for the bill from Brent Shores.

Youth report-Brian Ashton

Conservation report -Jason Fuller
    •Jason couldn’t make it to the meeting, tabled until next meeting.  Speak with Joe from Fish and Game regarding potential projects.

Communication Report -Steve Day
    •Open flyers on the site, nothing from the north, sponsor page is updated. Please post forms to the Facebook page or a link to advertise for tournaments.
    •Look at the Idaho Bass fishing community page on Facebook for the updates on the high school and Youth championships for application with rules.  Forms are all current on the Idaho bass website.

Tournament Report -Eddie Garcia
    •South Qualifier update-There are two new entries and lot of activity on the new forum.  (FB-Idaho Bass Fishing Community). There will be 22 boats for Owyhee this weekend, May 21.  This is his first time and working on learning everything.  He has suggestions for following:  Shorten up the Friday night meeting by using the randomizer he has created for the draw;  He has a list of people that want him to pull a chip at the Friday night meeting; Sent an email to all Qualifier fisherman with tournament payouts.  He will be playing the National Anthem on his loud speaker.  We have a few guys wanting to help and weigh-in could be in the grassy area according to Jim Meyer, Owyhee Park Ranger.  Tammy will contact him on Friday night to coordinate.  Cabela’s donated weigh baskets to make it more effective.  Chris Tucker also advised that Dry Creek Outfitters donated a measuring board for weigh table. Remember to announce the first 5 guys are the release boats and boat 6 is the alternate. These will be the first bags to be handed out.  A lot of new people organizing so we will need everyone to be patient.  Tammy would like to omit the Friday night meeting.  Travis said quit letting the fisherman make the decisions, let the board make the best decisions they know to make the club the best it can be.  Eddie said keep talking about it this year and we will change it for next year. 
    •Reimbursement-Motion made by Tammy to reimburse paying Eddie back for half of the speaker, Bobbie second the motion.
    •NW Divisional update – Ben Warren, Boater and Tony Shuyler  non-boater  qualified for the National Federation Tournament April 2017.  Tony advised he  can qualify as a boater this Fall at Dworshak due the new semi-final rules that state you can have more qualifiers based on boat numbers .  Tammy will be researching to better understand the new Semi-Final Championship format.             Who is actually going to the National tournament?  Tammy to report back next meeting.
    •Elevated Platform-Eddie would like Tammy to look into an elevated platform with TBF. Tammy will send an email with the picture to Robert Cartilage, The Bass Federation President.

Old Business-
    •Tire replacement on the release boat- Skyler almost didn’t make it back to the Magic valley. $68.95 /tire. Skyler said it only needs two but maybe we should replace all of them and maybe do the alignment. Russ will check on the tires and alignment. Tammy will hook Skyler and Russ up so they can talk.

New Business-
    •Military appreciation tournament- July 17th is the tournament.  Scott fills up the boats very quickly with his connections. Why was it scheduled on a Sunday? Maybe because there is a tournament there on Sunday. Tammy will inquire. Deadline for the tournament is July 7th. 3 person team, no money, top three finishers get a plaque.         Maybe order t-shirts all of the participants and w should hang sponsor banners for photos.
    •Lowrance update- Do we give them exclusivity? What are the benefits?  What are the hoops that we need to jump through to do.

Next meeting June 16, 2016, Thursday,  7:00pm. Canyon Marine, Nampa.

Meeting Adjourned 8:45pm.
Submitted by Shonie Jarvis-Secretary

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