The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF)
May TIBF Meeting Minutes

TIBF Meeting Minutes
Thursday May 18, 2017
Canyon Marine Nampa

Attendance- Tammy Shuyler, Bobbie Littlefield, Steve Day, Scott Lepka, Eddie Garcia

Treasurer Report- Bobbie Littlefield
General account-$7813.54, Qualifier account-$8875.21, Youth account-$1222.18
298 members

Youth report- Tammy
High school events May 6-7 2017 Saturday IBN, Sunday TIBF. Congratulations to Kyle Nicholson and Eyston Kuntz for taking first place for TIBF and the IBN!

Conservation Report – Ryan Cullen
All tags have been implanted for the SMB study. Please spread the word to release any fish caught that are tagged.

Communication Report- Steve Day
All up to date. Tammy has some pictures from the last qualifier to give Steve. The board voted to increase the fee paid to Steve from $100 to $250 to compensate for all the extra hard work Steve does for us! Thank you.

Tournament Report – Eddie
As of April 20 there were not any entries for the qualifier at Lake Pend Orielle for the 23rd. The possibility of rescheduling the qualifier was discussed, Tim Snyder will look into this and see if he can come up with any suggestions for more interest.
May 20th next qualifier at Milner Res. Riverside Bar

Old Business
The board discussed printing logos for the TIBF Trailer, and maybe just using our banners we already have. Will discuss more at next meeting.

New Business
Tammy proposes to print T-shirts with TIBF logo and sponsors and possibly other apparel to sell. We will look at using our social media and websites to promote them. Discussion to continue next meeting.
Next Board Meeting Thursday June 15, 2017 Canyon Marine 7:00PM

Meeting Adjourned 8:20
Minutes submitted by Bobbie Littlefield.

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