The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF)
November TIBF Meeting Minutes

TIBF Meeting Minutes
Thursday November 8, 2018
Canyon Marine Nampa

Attendance- Tammy Shuyler, Bobbie Littlefield, Steve Day, Scott Lepka, Eddie Garcia, Tarry Gibson, James Brandt

Treasurer Report- Bobbie Littlefield
General account-$6844.81, Qualifier account-$3608.79, Youth account-$800.05
323 members

Youth Report- Chris Adams
Youth and HS dates discussed

Conservation Report – Keith Hoffman
Keith has picked up structures donated by Tammy and Tony Shuyler. Looking at a poss fall date for the structure plant. Permit is in place. Date TBD

Communication Report- Steve Day
Websites up to date.
Yearly website hosting of club or webpage/site renewed.

Tournament Report
Checks issued for 2019 permits
Possible rule changes for 2019, keep fishing with partners or go back to the draw? Keep 1 throw out or not?
Anglers who qualify through their club to pay in to national pot($30) for travel funds? Board to discuss and finalize next meeting.
James Brandt is our new tournament director for 2019 ! Thank you.
2019 major schedule is out

Old Business:
Annual Banquet date to be February 16th 2019 . Location will be the Galaxy Event Center located inside Wahooz in Meridian.

New Business
2019 Board elections:
President – Eddie Garcia
Vice President- Scott Lepka
Sec/treasurer- Bobbie Littlefield

Next meeting Thursday December 20th 6PM Canyon Marine
Minutes submitted by Bobbie Littlefield.

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