The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF)
October TIBF Meeting Minutes

TIBF Meeting Minutes
Thursday October 18, 2018
Canyon Marine Nampa

AttendanceTammy Shuyler, Bobbie Littlefield,  Steve Day, Tom Horrace, Scott Lepka, Kieth Hoffman, Eddie Garcia

Treasurer Report- Bobbie Littlefield
General account-$7207.23, Qualifier account-$3608.79, Youth account-$800.05
323  members

Youth Report- Chris Adams
Changes announced from Chris regarding HS champions , they can fish as Co-angler in Semi finals. Tbf will pay entry fees. Must be 16 years old. Also HS 16 years and older can fish the qualifiers.

Conservation Report – Keith Hoffman
Keith has picked up structures donated by Tammy and Tony Shuyler. Looking at a poss fall date for the structure plant. Permit is in place. Date TBD

Communication Report- Steve Day
Websites up to date.
Yearly admin of club or webpage/site 100.00 renewed.

Tournament Report –
Congratulations to Justin Soppe boater and Jared Hoffman co-angler they are going to the finals this spring!
The TBF should receive about $800 for hosting the semifinals this year
Thank you Blacksands for the great dinner!
The board has agreed on a tentative schedule for the 2019 qualifiers. March 31st Brownlee, July 13, 14 Owyhee, June 2nd CJ Strike, TBF appreciation open August 4th, 5th October HS Fundraiser. Youth and HS qualifiers?
Will discuss rules and tournament formats at next meeting.
TBF is looking for a volunteer for the 2019 tournament director.

Old Business:
Annual Banquet date to be February 16th 2019 . Location still to be determined but we are leaning towards the new event center at Wahooz in Meridian.
TBF has made some changes at the national level. They will pay out more money for states with bigger numbers fishing the qualifiers. For example if Idaho brings 20 boats and Montana only brings 10 the payouts will be more for the idaho semifinals top anglers than Montana. Also if the Top finishing co-angler catches more weight than the top Boater he or she will have a choice to fish the finals as a boater or co-angler.

New Business
2019 Major event scheduling meeting will be Nov 8 7pm Canyon Marine Nampa.
Board nominations, Eddie Garcia President, Scott Lepka VP,  Bobbie Littlefield Sec/treasurer
Looking for volunteer to attend ISCAC meetings .

Next meeting Thursday November 8th 6PM Canyon Marine
Major Event Scheduling meeting 7pm
Minutes submitted by Bobbie Littlefield.

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