Federation Conservation Report

Lake Lowell Fish Salvage, Part II

The Pioneer Irrigation District drained the canal below the Caldwell Dam on October 7. Some volunteers showed up to salvage the fish stranded in the receding waters in the canal. We had the release tank there to haul the fish in so that we didn't have to use buckets like last time... Here are some pictures from the Lake Lowell Fish Salvage at the Caldwell Dam:

We started by the walkway downstream from the dam. We tried to push the fish through the pillars and then moved the nets and continued to push the fish upstream.
Here's Dusty supervising to keep us in line. When we had pushed the fish to the end of a pool, the nets were swung in to the bank and the trapped fished put into buckets before being carried up to the release tank.
The upper pool by the dam had the most fish. We pushed the fish up to the dam with the nets. Then two people walked up the tunnels under the dam and herded waves of fish out to the net. We would scoop up as many as possible and then move the main net over to cover a smaller area. Here is the net containing the fish in a limited area so that they can be netted.
Everyone in the group helped out including our two Labrador Carp Retrievers: Buddy and Sara.
Here are the volunteers gathered around the tank full of fish.
The fish were released back into Lake Lowell in a cove near the Fish & Game housing.
Estimates are that at least 30,000 fish were rescued and returned to Lake Lowell from the Caldwell canal. Most were fingerling sized, but there were some larger fish rescued as well. Species rescued included: crappie, perch, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bullhead, trout, channel catfish and bluegills.
This picture was titled "The End" I'm not sure why... but I'd guess because we were emptying the last of the fish out of the tank.
The volunteers that showed up to help deserve a big thank you.

Steve Burk: Snake River Bassmasters & Federation Conservation Officer
Dusty Womack: Snake River Bassmasters & Federation President
George Roth (and Buddy): Payette River Bassmasters
Scyler Hill: Magic Valley Bassmasters & Federation Youth Officer
Roger Duncan: Snake River Bassmasters
Steve Day (and Sara): Snake River Bassmasters & Federation Secretary
Dusty Womack Jr & Family: Snake River Bassmasters
Jeff Dillon: IDFG Regional Fisheries Manager