The Idaho Bass Federation (TIBF)
September Meeting Minutes


The TIBF monthly meeting was brought to order 7:05pm., September 22, 2016, at Canyon Marine, Nampa, Idaho.

Meeting attendance: Those in attendance were: Tammy Shuyler, Bobbie Littlefield, Eddie Garcia, Steve Day, William Kriner, Scott Lepka, Steve
Spear. Teleconference: Chris Tucker, Michael Tauscher

Secretary-Treasurer Report -Bobbie Littlefield
    •SW Qualifier Account: $9108.54; General Account: $6527.61; Youth Account: $2045.59
    •Current members 334
    •Receipts submitted for purchase of ice and weigh slips for Brownlee Qualifier on Aug. 27-28, 2016. TIBF voted to reimburse the Torok Family up to $800 (current allowance) for travel costs for Idaho Youth Angler Alex Torok to attend the 2016 TBF National Youth Championship in Scottsdale, Alabama.
    • Minutes.

Youth Report-Brian Ashton not present, Tammy reported
    • Youth Director position is open. Interested members should contact Tammy.
    • Discussed the need to brainstorm ideas to increase Youth and High school participation

Conservation Report -Tammy (still need a new conservation director)
    • Conservation Director is open. Interested members should contact Tammy.
    • We will be adding signs to educate individuals about Bass at the following reservoirs: Hells Canyon, Oxbow, CJ Strike, Brownlee, Milner as well as for yet to be identified Panhandle waters. Scott Lepka to provide a template and Eddie Garcia to check into the manufacturing and materials needed.

Communication Report -Steve Day
    •Steve has published Sponsor photos respectively to meet Lowrance, MinnKota & Humminbird requirements.
    •Tammy will be obtaining counts and verify all criteria met to meet Oct. 15 deadline.
    •  Members can go to TIBF website for all updates and information.
    •  TIBF members have free ad space available on website.

Tournament Report -Eddie Garcia
    •Idaho roster submitted to TBF for Semi-Final Championship Dworshak Registration is open until September 29, 2016.
    • Semi-Final Championship planning - Tammy and Eddie work on tournament planning including live well checks and kill switch checks at the ramp and rules. Mandatory meeting and rules review Friday October 7 at 6:15p. See Semi-final Championship Rules and Tournament Fact Sheet for all rules and tournament information.
    • Semi-Final Championship travel money will be as follows: Boaters- $460, Non Boater- $219. Checks will be issued upon registration closing.
    • Travel Money for TBF National Finals Anglers: Boater- $690, Non boater- $460

Old Business:

New Business:
     • 2017 Qualifier Format planning-Planning committee presented two options for next year Qualifier format. Option with three 2-day tournaments and final championship (to determine who will fish Semi-Final Championship) most popular with clubs and anglers. TIBF will also sponsor Open tournaments to increase participation numbers for Semi-Final qualifying. 2017 Semi-Final will be hosted by Montana.
     • IBM tournament trailer- IBM offered to sell their trailer and contents minus the motor bands and the scales for $1000.00 in agreement that they can utilize the trailer for the IBM open yearly. The board voted unanimously in favor of purchase. Canyon Marine will store trailer in exchange for advertising.
     • 2017 Annual Banquet planning – Consensus to reserve the Center at the Park banquet room, Meridian Village. Tammy to contact center to determine if available and reserve.
     • Discussed hiring a tournament manager for 2017 to run Qualifier and TIBF sponsored Open events. This would be a paid position from tournament fees. Topic tabled until October meeting.
     • Next Board Meeting October 20, 2016 at Canyon Marine, Nampa

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm
Submitted by Bobbie Littlefield

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